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December 5, 2014

Community and Support Member

Dat articleDat Hoang holds the title of Community and Support Member at OnTheGoSystems. Dat lives and works in Saigon, Vietnam. As a member of the WPML Support Team, Dat is a part of a large team that answers support tickets from our clients.

Dat is a 1st Tier support member where he is on the front lines of all inquiries that come into the support forum. He is the initial contact with our clients and he has to make a great first impression. Dat has an expert level knowledge of our plugin which he learned during his initial on-the-job training when he was hired. He identifies issues that may be caused by our plugins and he even suggests solutions to issues within the code of themes or plugins that need to become WPML compatible.

In the WPML support team, once an issue cannot be solved by a 1st Tier support member, the support ticket is escalated to a 2nd Tier support person. The 2nd Tier support person then handles the support ticket to provide an in depth explanation on how to fix the situation. But every ticket that Dat solves with a 2nd Tier support person, he also immediately learns the remedy, so that if in the future a similar question arises, he is also knowledgeable enough to answer the ticket.

But there is a twist to Dat’s job duties. Dat’s job title is Community and Support Member, because he organizes WordPress Meetups in Saigon. Dat is currently the only employee that lives in Vietnam. Therefore he is our main OnTheGoSystems representative in his country. Dat also has strong organizational and social skills that allows him to organize a list of speakers, a venue, and to advertise the events.


One of Dat’s greatest accomplishments was that in May 2014, he organized his largest Meetup with an attendance of over 100 people, 10 high key presenters, into a 9 hour fun filled technical event. Dat shared, “I felt very proud that I organized such a successful event. I did not know that I had the skills to organize such a large event, but through this company, I realize that organizing and attracting people to events is one of my new strengths.”

At OnTheGoSystems, you are not limited to one job role. If you would like to expand your skills there are many roles that you can take on that will produce a huge impact for the company and for your personal skills.

Dat Hoang
Work Life

Dat works remotely for his home. He has a normal work schedule from 9am-6pm as a part of the support team. His work hours work perfectly for the team, so that the hours that he doesn’t cover, his coworkers from around the world are able to handle. This is what allows our support forums to run 20 hours per day for 6 days a week in 9 languages. Because Dat works remotely he enjoys not having to commute to work everyday.

He often walks to the nearby restaurants or coffee shops for leisure, but because Saigon has everything that he needs located conveniently nearby, he does not need to drive often. Sometimes Dat uses his bicycle, but he enjoys the Vietnamese and French architecture that he gets to walk past when he visits his favorite noodle restaurants.

Dat first heard about job opportunities at OnTheGoSystems when Amir, our CEO posted in a Saigon Facebook Fan Page group. Dat replied and after several email exchanges and Skype meetings, he was hired 1 month later.

When asked what he values most about his job, Dat shared, “I value the ability to collaborate with other staff members. I also enjoy the friendly work environment.” At OnTheGoSystems, you will always find a friendly work atmosphere, with people ready to help you with any needs or questions you may have.

Necessary Skills

The are a few basic skills needed to be a support member at OnTheGoSystems. These skills include knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS. But Dat thinks that there are a few other skills that are just as important which include, a strong understanding of our products, understanding our workflow, and patience. “You may not get the praise for handling every ticket if it was moved from 1st Tier, to 2nd Tier, or to 3rd Tier support, but you must always remember that you make a difference, and you must interact as a consistent and positive first impression to our clients,” explained Dat. Dat has just celebrated his 1 year anniversary at OnTheGoSystems in October of 2014 and we are proud to have him as a strong part of our support team.

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