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Anas Muhammad Tukur



October 17, 2022


Anas works in the Compatibility team, handling glue plugins that basically connect WPML with other WordPress plugins. His day to day responsibilities include debugging issues reported by support, writing code to fix bugs or build new features.


Anas Muhammad Tukur is an experienced software engineer with over 8 years of industry experience. He specializes in Java programming language and has been actively developing and maintaining software applications using it. Recently, Anas has been expanding his skills by learning PHP and React, showing his passion for continuous learning and growth in his field.

Aside from his technical expertise, Anas has a unique global perspective having lived in Malaysia for 10 years. This exposure to diverse cultures has allowed him to develop exceptional communication skills, which have been valuable in collaborating with international teams.

Overall, Anas is a dedicated and enthusiastic software engineer who is always looking for ways to enhance his skills and contribute to the field.


He enjoys movies, music, and politics.