Bangla, English

Faisal Ahammad



December 1, 2022


1st Tier Supporter working on WPML forums and chat support.


Faisal Ahammad is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been working with WordPress since 2012/13, and his passion for it only grew stronger after he participated in a competition where he built an LMS site using WordPress in 2013. This experience sparked his interest in learning WordPress more deeply.

As he delved deeper into WordPress, he began to explore JavaScript and worked with various APIs. He found himself particularly drawn to the WordPress REST API, which has become one of his favorite APIs to work with.

His academic background includes a degree in Civil Engineering from college and a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from university. In addition to English, he is also learning a new language.


As an avid book enthusiast, Faisal takes great pleasure in collecting and reading books. His personal library boasts of approximately 500 physical books, and he is always on the lookout for new additions to his collection. Reading is not just a hobby for him, but a means of expanding his knowledge and broadening his horizons.