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Hugo Rosillo

Customer Retention


July 6, 2022


Hugo is a Data Analyst and he develops, maintains, and contributes solutions related to Human Resources, Customer Retention, and Finance. This can involve organizing data, analyzing data, machine learning, predictive analytics, and making data understandable, actionable, and presentable across departments through visualizations and user interfaces.


His background stems from a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. While working with with electronics and semiconductor devices Hugo gravitated towards software. Early on, with mentorship, he gravitated towards applying computer programming to analyzing data and predicting in financial markets. This involved 20 or 30 years of data for hundreds of stocks, applying C++, calculus, and concepts like genetic algorithm to create systems that learn. With the guidance of partners and investors this work also evolved to include software that controls automated trading, almost around the clock for futures. In recent years, machine learning and data analysis tools have been evolving in leaps and bounds, which enables applying these two a variety of venues, and in surprising ways. Know-how from electronics, math, software, and data science makes it possible to enable solutions spanning from business, human resources, customer retention, marketing, automations, to predictive analytics. The idea is to adapt and deliver solutions in new and interesting ways.


Electronics, agriculture, livestock, nature, history, home building, AI.