Croatian, English, German

Kruno Golubić

Content Assistant


September 1, 2018


Kruno works as a technical documentation assistant for the WordPress plugins that OnTheGoSystems is developing, WPML and Toolset. His main tasks include keeping all documentation up to date, help to document product features, help writing technical articles, blog posts and tutorials. He also provides assistance to the marketing team.


Kruno is the Jack of all ICT trades and a master of some. He created his first website back in 1995 and that’s how his journey into the world of IT began.

For ten years, from 1997 until 2007 Kruno worked as a systems administrator, webmaster, IT trainer and courseware author. During that time period, he also gained two degrees. The first one was a BE at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences second one was an MA at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Since 2007 the focus of his career has turned towards user support. That year he started working as Helpdesk manager and soft skills started to become an even bigger part of his every day working life. After six years at that position, Kruno got promoted to head of the user support department. Since 2017 he holds a PhD in information and communication sciences.

In 2018 Kruno joined OTGS as a Technical Writer. In 2019 he has taken the role of a Technical Documentation Assistant. Currently, he lives in and works in Croatia. In addition to English, he also speaks Croatian and some German. Kruno is a family man who really appreciates being able to work remotely and spend more time with his wife and child.