English, French, Portuguese, Russian

Max Kovalenkov



July 6, 2020


Provides 1-st tier support to users of the WPML translation system


Max became passionate with the web technologies during the university years while studying computer science, decided to stick with it, and never looked back. He has been working in front end leaning positions ever since, and is comfortable with the back end as well.

Max’s first blog was in WordPress all the way back in 2006. He gravitates towards all things open source and community, sometimes answers questions on StackOverflow, and is looking forward to attending WordCamps in person again one day.

At one point in his career realizing that he thrives in support roles, he went on to join OTGS: it had everything to wish for in the position itself as well as the top-notch team.


Languages: Max enjoys improving the languages he speaks and discovering little peculiarities and connections between them. Next challenge: learning either Japanese or German.