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Vincenzo Carrubba

Systems Development and Maintenance


March 5, 2015


Vincenzo is responsible for the Systems administration on production and development servers, the IT Management, and the Admin support for clients’ accounts.


Vincenzo started writing the first lines of code in Basic and Assembly on a Commodore VIC 20.
He discovered the Unix and Linux world working at the first ISP in his city in the early 90s.
Since then, he has worked almost exclusively in the IT field, except for a few years spent working as a professional diver in an underwater work company, in the special forces for UN missions abroad and as a photographer.
In 2015 he was hired by OnTheGoSystems as a supporter for the Italian forum from which he was then assigned to his current role in the Systems Development and Maintenance Team.


In his free time, Vincenzo plays bass guitar, meditates on the Bible, deepens his knowledge of AWS, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes.
He is also passionate about street photography, skydiving, scuba diving, chess and reads Sci-Fi, fantasy, and self-improvement books.