Kasia Janoska with John Parkinson on wordpress.tv

December 15, 2016

At OnTheGoSystems, we are very proud of how much we have achieved in the WordPress Community this year. As a company, as Global Sponsors we try to get involved and contribute as much as we can. We have been participating in as many WordPress events as possible: local WordCamps all over the world from Asia to South America, WordCamp Europe and US, big and small meetups, contributing to WordPress and the Incubator Program. We have even assigned someone in the team the role of “Mr. WordCamp”. We all share the passion for WordPress here so it comes as no surprise when we see someone going the extra mile to get involved. It comes as no surprise but still with a lot of enthusiasm!

Now there was a fact which did surprise us and it was to see Kasia (Front-end Developer from Poland) on WordPress.tv.

We definitely did not see this coming! Read below how she did it. In her own words:

“Some time ago John Parkinson wrote to me a short and to the point e-mail where he said how he had been volunteering with WordPress TV for 2-1/2 years and that he had recently started doing Skype video interviews about the WordPress Community. He asked me if I would be interested in taking part and talking about the Polish Community and WordCamp Poland, where I was a speaker earlier this year.

I was really excited since WordPress TV is the very place where all speeches from WordCamps are broadcasted. I also thought that having an interview there and not “only” a recording from a conference would be really amazing :D

I do not know how many people really watch WordPress TV on a daily basis, but anyone wanting to refer to any WP speech has been there at least once ;)

I was a bit nervous since at the very moment I received this e-mail I was at the airport heading to my well deserved long weekend in Dublin. I was not sure if talking with John a few days after that would still be OK… But it turned out it that not only was it OK, but he also told me that I was super prompt with my answer and quick to set a date. I guess working in a remote company has taught me a new way of communication in which replying to an e-mail from an airport is not unusual ;)

I am really glad that we had that interview! We talked about working from home and how we communicate at OTGS – we all work from many completely different time zones.

And of course we also talked about the WordPress Community in Poland. John told me that he had never heard of meetups being called WordUps.

So, if you want to know more about working for OnTheGoSystems or get to know what a WordUp is, go ahead and watch the entire interview. Don’t forget to visit John’s blog post about that too!”