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Ana Couto

CIO (Chief Information Officer)


April 1, 2013


Ana’s current position is Chief Information Officer (CIO). As CIO, she is responsible for the Systems team, which covers the complete IT infrastructure of the company. Ana is also responsible for driving projects related to the functionality and effectiveness of the public sites and she ensures that there are the right resources and focus with regards to the company’s IT.


Ana’s educational background is interesting and very technical. After completing her degree in Geology, she went on to do her masters in Geochemistry and a postgraduate in Geographic Information Science and Systems. She then spent the next two years specializing in computer programming, covering Javascript, Java, Algorithms, Mathematics and Web Animation, to name a few.* *In 2006, Ana then embarked on her technology career, spending the next 7 years working as a computer programmer, first for a company and then taking on various projects as a freelancer. In 2013 she joined OnTheGoSystems and gradually built herself up to the Chief Information Officer role which she continues to hold today.