English, Italian

Andrea Sciamanna

DevOps Engineer


July 15, 2013


Andrea does development work in our Systems Team.


Andrea lives in Aosta. A city in a bilingual region of Italy where children study as many hours of French as Italian. However, not being born there, while he does understand the language, he doesn’t speak French well enough to handle a conversation. He also understands some Spanish and speaks English daily.

Andrea is a self-taught developer who began his journey in this world when he was a teenager. He got high scores at school in this area on otherwise unexceptional homework.

Every time he faced a tedious or boring task, he found a way to make it simpler through the knowledge of programming he had at that time.

He continued using this approach in his first jobs by improving the time the company spent in long processes.

He worked as a .NET developer for the public administration for seven years, then four years in The Netherlands as a support agent, where he started poking into WordPress in his spare time.

Moving back to Italy, he switched back to .NET but kept playing with WordPress, eventually becoming a WPML client. He then decided to apply as a supporter which lead into a developer role and eventually into a role as WPML lead developer.


Andrea loves reading books whenever he has some time to relax (usually, in the morning, during breakfast over his favorite Sicilian coffee).

He also considers himself a mild cinephile who likes different kind of movies: some old, other new, some mainstream, others more obscure. In fact, he likes everything which catches his attention.