OTGS August News

September 1, 2021

In August, we continued working on finishing WPML’s upcoming big version. It’s almost ready and is scheduled for the September release. We also released a new version of Toolset, and with the help from our partners, published a number of useful articles.


WPML 4.5.0

The release of 4.5.0 is in sight. We spent the past month solving issues revealed by the beta and polishing the user interface. Thanks to everyone for trying out the beta and providing us with such valuable feedback!

The second beta of 4.5.0 is now available.You shouldn’t miss how Automatic Translations works, especially if you haven’t had the time to try it yourself with the beta.

WPML 4.4.12

This release solved a compatibility issue caused by lots of plugins. These broke our “Translation Management” > “Translation Tools” site by overwriting our data with a very generic hook.

Toolset News

In Toolset, we released the 1.6.1 version with updates for all major Toolset plugins.

In Toolset 1.6.1, we collected a number of fixes that queued up from user reports and from our own findings. Again, big thanks to all clients that helped us in pinpointing and testing these issues!

For more Toolset news, visit our blog.

Partnerships and Compatibility

We’ve been working with a lot of new WPML partners lately and helping them towards full compatibility. Part of that effort involves documentation – AKA, making sure clients know exactly how our products work together. 

Some notable mentions this month include this great tutorial on translating Modern Events Calendar using WPML, this guide to building multilingual multi-vendor marketplaces using WCFM, and a step-by-step piece on translating the Phlox theme using WPML.

Over at Toolset, we had fun interviewing three of our theme partners about what they saw for the future of Full Site Editing. It seems that it wasn’t just our partners who had a lot to say – our clients got very involved too, so it’s definitely worth a read! 

Aside from this, we published a guest post on Blocksy’s blog sharing our thoughts on the Query Loop Block that landed with WordPress 5.8. We also got a great mention in Elementor’s guide to using custom fields on WooCommerce product pages.

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