OTGS September News

September 29, 2021

We used September to finish work on the biggest WPML release ever. It will be released in the first days of October. We also released a new version of WooCommerce Multilingual with great new features.


WPML 4.5.0

We published the WPML 4.5 Release Candidate. This means we’re very close to the final release. The main difference between this version and Beta 2 before it, is performance and user experience improvements. We’re running this version on our own production sites before releasing them to clients to make sure it’s working perfectly.

Thanks again to everyone that provided their valuable feedback. The final release of 4.5 is coming very soon.

WPML Price Increase

On September 29th we are increasing our license prices. Everyone looking to buy WPML can still get WPML at its current price. Also, all existing clients can lock in the old price as long as they have an active subscription.

Visit our blog to follow all the latest WPML news.

Toolset News

We published a new tutorial article, this time about 3 inspiring designs created using Toolset and Kadence Blocks.

Thanks to Toolset’s integration, one can use Kadence Blocks to display information coming from custom fields, taxonomies, and posts. This gives Toolset users the power to build completely custom designs that are both beautiful and dynamic.

For more Toolset news, visit our blog.

Compatibility – Big News!

WooCommerce Multilingual

We released WooCommerce Multilingual 4.12 which brings great new features, including:

  • Ability to translate product reviews
  • New exchange rate services
  • Support for WC Analytics

Of course, this release also brings a number of bug fixes and compatibility improvements. 

ACF Multilingual

We also released ACF Multilingual 1.9 which adds support for importing and exporting translated custom fields.

Last But Not Least, Partnerships 

The Partnerships team has been busy this September preparing for the upcoming release of WPML 4.5. We’ve been chatting with our various partners to showcase our new Translate Everything feature, and have been working through any issues to ensure it all goes smoothly for our mutual clients.

Additionally, we’ve been supporting a range of existing and new partners to help them produce WPML documentation for clients. After completing some significant compatibility improvements, we published a guide on translating the Houzez theme. Similarly, we assisted our Italian friends over at Dynamic Content for Elementor on this guide to translating widget content with WPML

Finally, TutorLMS wrapped up the remaining work needed to establish them as a manually-translatable LMS plugin. Excitingly, they created their own WPML add-on and expressed interest in becoming fully compatible with our Advanced Translation Editor towards the end of the year. As such, we have chosen to recommend them in our LMS (Learning Management System) category alongside LearnDash as we continue to improve our relationships with key LMS partners. 

Translation partners

We are glad to announce that this month we integrated with Interlanguage, an Italian translation company of the Transline Gruppe and the sister company of Transline Deutschland GmbH, one of our current translation partners.

If you are from Germany, you can go with Transline Deutschland GmbH; if you are from Italy, you can go with Interlanguage. We have a partner for every need and they all speak your own language.

Another partner that was busy working on WPML was ITC Translation Services. Check their exclusive WPML page and find out if they are the partner you’ve been looking for.

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And stay tuned for next month’s updates!

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