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Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

Content Manager


April 7, 2014


As the company’s Content Manager, Dario leads OTGS’s efforts in providing clients and partners with content about our products. This includes written materials, video production, and of course, online communication with clients. Dario works closely with the Marketing Team and is also involved with the testing of the products.


Dario was born in Croatia but now lives in Slovenia with his family. Even though he has a bachelor degree in Economics, Dario was always much more into computers and music.

Dario started using WordPress around 2008 and never looked back because it was exactly what he imagined a CMS should be. He freelanced for a few years and worked for a local non-governmental organization, before working as a lead web developer for a renowned marketing agency in Maribor.

The best and biggest change for Dario came when he got a chance to join OnTheGoSystems, as the company’s first in-development tester. It was a completely new experience and proved to be a huge leap forward for him both professionally and personally.

After two years, Dario became the company’s documentation leader and with time, evolved into managing the company’s content production in general. It’s a very challenging and dynamic job that allows him to work with all the teams very closely. Thanks to this, and the fact that he helps with the product testing, Dario gets to see all the upcoming features and plugins very early and help improve them.

Finally, thanks to the company’s support and encouragement, Dario became more involved with the whole WordPress community. He has spoken at and has attended many WordCamps and Meetups. Of these, speaker highlights are WordCamp Europe Sophia in 2014 and WordCamp Europe Paris 2017.


Besides WordPress and technology in general, Dario’s biggest passion is music and he’s actually pretty good at it. He sings, plays a guitar, keyboards and a bit of many other instruments like percussion. He also exclusively performs his own songs. Dario released an album of his own original music with his band Helika and has produced original music for short films, art projects, and theater.