Afrikaans, English, French

Eloise Brink

Content Assistant


January 10, 2023


Eloise is responsible for the translation of all our sites, for proofreading and editing our internal newsletter, and for reviewing and publishing our clients’ testimonials. She is also helping our Content Leader (Dario) with organizing the work and projects for the team, and she is helping review the analytics data for our content.


Eloise, who holds a master’s degree in translation, editing, and interpreting, has gained professional experience across a variety of industries including news, magazine, and advertising. She has worked in diverse roles such as proofreader, assistant editor, copywriter, and technical writer. Driven by a passion for languages, culture, and human relations, Eloise enjoys exploring the art of communication.


Eloise loves traveling to new places, discovering different cultures, and meeting new people. When she’s not exploring, you’ll find her in her garden, propagating new plants or taking care of her fruit trees and vegetable plants. Cooking and baking are also passions of hers, and she enjoys hosting parties and creating beautiful birthday cakes. Finally, she has a creative side that she expresses through writing children’s books.