English, German, Italian, Romanian

Nicu-Cristian Taran

Software Engineer


June 1, 2023


Cristian is contributing to the team’s effort to provide a “better than human” translation, aiming to improve the translations beyond the current level using smart and frictionless solutions.


Cristian has worked in Software for over 15 years, mostly as a software engineer, with some additional years as a tech lead/scrum master and as a hands-on engineering manager. In the recent 6 years, he worked in a full-remote setting with global teams. He specializes in full-stack web development, intricate algorithms, and third-party integrations. He communicates well, he is eager to learn new things and always welcomes a challenge. He is passionate about finding simple solutions to complex problems and always strives to make a positive impact.


Cristian loves spending time with his wife and kid, which he can’t get enough of. On top of that, he likes working out and keeping fit. He enjoys hanging out with friends and, if there’s still time, he’ll play a video game, watch a movie, or pick up the guitar.