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Özcan Yildirim

DevOps Engineer


July 17, 2023


Özcan manages and enhances our AWS infrastructure, ensuring robust CI/CD pipelines for efficient software development and deployment, while also focusing on implementing innovative technologies for improved system reliability and performance at OnTheGoSystems.


With 14 years under his belt as a Senior DevOps and Site Reliability Engineer, Özcan brings a wealth of experience to OnTheGoSystems, specializing in Kubernetes, Microservices, and CI/CD pipeline optimization. His career has seen him delve deep into various technical projects, mastering the intricacies of IT architecture and acquiring a robust blend of functional, technical, and operational expertise. At OnTheGoSystems, his role is pivotal in enhancing and managing Kubernetes environments and microservices architectures, ensuring their CI/CD pipelines are efficient and reliable for streamlined software development and deployment. His comprehensive knowledge in container technologies, cloud platforms, and automation products, coupled with system/database administration skills, ensures their software releases are secure, timely, and of superior quality. Embracing adaptability and valuing collaboration, he consistently implements innovative solutions that enhance system reliability and performance, thereby ensuring stellar user experiences for their clients.


Özcan is deeply fascinated by emerging technologies and enjoys exploring the latest trends in DevOps and cloud computing. Outside of the professional sphere, he is an avid reader of psychology and enjoys dabbling in amateur astronomy. Weekends often find him exploring nature trails as he believes in balancing screen time with green time.