English, Khmer

Sokmesa Khiev



November 21, 2022


Sokmesa is a Ruby developer and his responsibility is to support the back-end side. He is responsible for API design, building, and maintaining the mechanisms that process data and perform actions by the web application.


Sokmesa Khiev is a ruby developer from Cambodia. He lives in Phnom Penh which is the capital of Cambodia. He got a bachelor’s degree of Computer Science in 2008 from the Royal University of Phnom Penh.
Sokmesa spent almost 15 years working with different tech companies in Cambodia including a software consulting company, an international organization, a payment service provider company, and a big data company.


There are many areas that Sokmesa is interested in. Technologies and recreational sports. Last year, he finished his solidity BootCamp which solely focuses on blockchain development using solidity. Besides work, he did some sports such as cycling and football. These bring him to know other people more and are part of his healthy routine as well. He also likes to go offshore fishing with his teammate.