Vitaly Tarasenko, November’s Star of the Month – “Working from home is 100 times better than any office”

December 15, 2020

Vitaly Tarasenko, is a father, husband, Marvel fan, pet lover, and November’s Star of the Month!

Vitaly lives in Cherkasy, Ukraine with his wife and daughter. They also have a big parrot named Zoro, a rabbit named Pitbull, and two turtles named Thor and Loki.

For the last 3 years, Vitaly has worked as a developer on the ATE Proxy team and has used working from home as an opportunity to pursue his hobbies and spend time with his family.

What are your hobbies?

I am a Sony PlayStation fan. I use the Beat Saber VR game as my daily sport – half-digital / half-sport – fair for IT geeks like me.

I also play billiards once per week and used to be a champion of local poker tournaments in the past, but now I don’t have time to play it. I spend weekends with my family :D

What’s a typical day like for you working from home?

I wake up, eat a snack, and start my working day by reviewing all metrics from monitoring dashboards. I have a lot of CloudWatch dashboards with tons of graphs to monitor every day. 

Then I check Mattermost and YouTrack (two tools we use on a daily basis at OTGS) and continue working on my in-progress things (coding, writing tests, zoom calls, writing / reviewing PRs, deploying to production). Then I do a lunch break with my wife, and do a small beat Saber training.

Sometimes I need to write and run some heavy scripts to analyze some dataset that can take hours to execute, usually I start them when I finish my day to check results next morning. Then I go to play with my daughter :D

Tell us about work – what did you do before joining OTGS and what do you do now?

Before OTGS, I had 2 jobs as Senior Ruby on Rails team leader, then 3 years ago, I received an interview invitation from Eduard. I now work with Eduard and the rest of the ATE / Proxy team – Roel, Ivan, Sarah, Ahmed and Ahmed.

In my role, I do extensive development in Ruby / RoR and a lot of monitoring and maintenance. I use a lot of tools built by myself specifically for OTGS including libraries for smart logging, cross-app secure requests, DynamoDB drivers, machine translation engines, HTML segmenter, server singleton actions, lightweight delayed_job daemons, and others. Also I constantly use data from monitoring for optimizations on our apps.

I like that I have the possibility to use my knowledge in algorithms and optimizations in my daily work. Not all web apps have enough complexity to apply such experience.

What qualifications do you need to be successful in your role?

Ruby, RoR, SQL / NoSQL Databases, Optimization Skills, Refactoring, TDD, Algorithms, AWS Services

I try to do everything with maximum quality and control and with lowest visible risks, so most of the tasks are not trivial. But some of my tasks are very complex – like core implementation of OTGS segmenter.

Any hopes and plans for the future you would like to share?

I hope that the coronavirus saga will end at some point, so I can travel somewhere :D

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