New features and improvements to WPML, Toolset, and ICanLocalize

August 30, 2018

It may be the summer but things never slow down at OnTheGoSystems! We have been as busy as ever with new changes to give you the best service possible.

Each month we provide you with an update of all the recent improvements and additions to WPML, Toolset and ICanLocalize, as well as any new offerings.

WPML New services and offers

Multilingual WordPress Packages

A multilingual website for your business will help you get clients from any country that you would like to target. We’re now offering a new turn-key package for building your multilingual website.

With almost a million sites running WPML, we’re experts and the site that we’ll build for you will be your global marketing engine.

WPML’s Rewards Program launched

This program allows you to earn points every time you use our partner translations services to translate your content. Our partner services employ professional translators who have worked on thousands of websites with tight deadlines and competitive rates.

Not only will you get a great deal for high-quality translated content but you can now save even more with the WPML Rewards Program. Depending on how many words you need translated, you could earn up to 100% off your next WPML account renewal.

Want to get started? Check out our guide to using professional translation via WPML which will show you how you can find your perfect partner service. You can keep track of the points you have earned by logging into your WPML account.

WPML New Features

We are working to include some features to improve compatibility with more page builders (Avada and Elementor).

WPML 4.1.0 will also include even more compatibility features for page builders, including an improved translation flow for Gutenberg blocks.

We are also working on some other under-the-hood improvements for optimizing caching support (WP Super Cache), compatibility with other plugins by extending our API, and addressing some features requested by users (e.g., extending string search to translations, API for customizing browser redirection logic, and better translation options for serialized custom fields).

Toolset also has new things for you

New Toolset accounts ready

On August 22, we enabled the new Toolset account types: Toolset Presentation, Toolset Interactive and Toolset Agency. It’s easy to compare and find the best solution for your particular needs. We have also made GUI improvements on the account page for our clients so that now you can see relevant information about your account status.

Of course, the existing account types Author and pro Author will continue to be maintained and our clients who are using them should see no difference apart from the general improvements in displaying account information. So if you’re an existing client, you will be able to renew and upgrade as usual. Also, available downloads and site keys limitations are the same for the existing accounts.

Compatibility efforts in Toolset

We have been working very hard on compatibility and have some goodies in the pipeline that are soon to be released. We are focusing on extending functionality and compatibility.

Types will include better compatibility with Yoast SEO, and will also pack two nice tools for managing code snippets and for merging two post-type relationships into one.

Types will continue extending its API as we plan to work on a mature mechanism to register custom field types.

Views is extending its compatibility with Elementor and other page builders are coming soon.

We will enlarge the list of page builders that Views is compatible with, including solving some issues with Gutenberg and using Toolset Layouts to edit Content Templates. In addition, we will be adding the ability to filter a View by data coming from related posts instead of just by data for the returned post types.

Forms is about to release a new experience to create and edit post and user forms with a better scaffold generator and visual control for field options.

We are also developing a new drag & drop editor for Forms that will make creating or editing a form much more visual and friendly.

Maps continues its efforts to bring feature parity between the Google Maps engine and Microsoft Azure.

Compatibility efforts in WPML

Last month we focused on achieving tighter compatibility with major page builders.

Three of our teams worked together to add some new features to our wpml-config.xml files so that compatibility could be enhanced.

We have achieved full compatibility with The Events Calendar plugin and improved Advanced Custom Fields integration with WPML.

We have also worked with some major authors (Avada and Elementor, for example) on writing documentation together and training our support teams so that we can be faster and more accurate.

Enhancements to ICanLocalize

ICanLocalize (our Translation service) team is working hard to provide our clients with a  more professional translation experience. The following are recent enhancements to our translation platform.

  • We implemented automatic translator assignment for software projects and for all language pairs, which means that you don’t need to wait for translators to apply – the first available translator will take your project. Of course, if you prefer to choose your translator, you can still do so.
  • If you have a WordPress website project, you can now select which pages to pay for. This means that your website content can be sent in one go but can be paid for in batches based on your budget.
  • We have also made some improvements in translation memory for website projects, and there’s more to come.
  • With WPML and ICanLocalize being part of the same company, we ensured improved collaboration between both teams to solve our client’s WPML-related issues even faster.

All our ICanLocalize clients have the option to send feedback directly to ICanLocalize management through the “send feedback to management” feature (added quite recently). We read all your comments and work hard to improve your experience.

Better support experience for all our WPML and Toolset clients

Last month we were working very hard to help our clients with issues regarding a few new and major changes related to the new releases of WPML and Toolset. We then focused on adding more snippets to our knowledge-base site, which we will soon share with clients.

Now we’re focusing on five major tasks:

  • Polishing up the UX in our support forums
  • Designing a new chat feature that will be integrated in our support
  • Prioritizing support for clients using Translation Services
  • Hiring more outstanding supporters
  • Improving our internal training

In the past few weeks we have managed to decrease the wait time in our support service and increase the positive feedback we receive from clients.

Thanks for reading…

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