New Toolset Guide Teaches Developers How to Migrate from Drupal to WordPress

October 19, 2018

We’re proud to announce The Ultimate Guide to Migrating from Drupal to WordPress. It’s an ambitious name and the content aims to live up the to promise.

Drupal is an excellent CMS, with strong content architecture and a thriving community. However, maintaining a Drupal site over time proves to be a major expense. Each major Drupal release requires a complete rebuild of all sites using it. Major Drupal releases are not backward compatible, so developers need to practically redo their work every few years. Moving to WordPress is a big project, but it’s a one-time expense. Drupal developers have learned that in many cases, it’s less expensive to redo the entire website on WordPress than to migrate to the next major Drupal release.

So far, Drupal developers were hesitant (at best) to move to WordPress because they would have to give up on their favorite features in Drupal. Toolset plugins change this by offering almost one-to-one mapping of Drupal features in WordPress.

The functionality in Toolset, together with our new Drupal to WordPress migration guide gives a straight path for this switch. It offers all the features that Drupal developers love with a straight-forward recipe for migrating the site’s structure and content.

Many of Toolset’s clients have come to WordPress from Drupal. To write this guide, we hired an experienced Drupal developer (who’s on WordPress + Toolset now). We cover all popular Drupal features, including those covered by Toolset and those covered by other plugins. The tutorial also teaches how to migrate multilingual sites using WPML.

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