OTGS March News

March 29, 2019

March has seen some exciting updates across the company, from new releases planned for WPML, updates in ICanLocalize, to brand new developments in Toolset that will be announced soon.

We can share a sneak peak now before the official Toolset release in the coming weeks.

WPML Update

Last month, we announced that we had resumed the development of 4.3.0.

However, in the last couple of weeks, we’ve gathered several comments about the user experience with the Advanced Translation Editor which led us to decide that another minor version is needed to address our customers’ needs.

WPML 4.2.5 will include fixes and updates that will further improve the user experience and we have changed the following:

  • Resolved issues with Installer (site key activation and upgrade notifications issues).
  • Fixed a problem with the mixed up order of elements (e.g. sentences) when using the Advanced Translation Editor.
  • Removed some UI elements from the Translation Management page.
  • Deleted some steps when sending translation jobs if, based on the configuration, they are redundant.
  • Improved the WPML <-> Advanced Translation Editor synchronization so to get more timely updates for completed jobs.
  • Improved feedback when a Translation Management configuration is incomplete (e.g. no configured translators or translation services).
  • Reduced the amount of data stored by WPML in wp_options.
  • Fixed an issue with posts’ translation statuses not being correctly updated.
  • Fixed some issues when calling REST API and the site is using plain permalinks.
  • Added Gutenberg compatibility fixes.
  • Resolved the custom taxonomies archives that were not working.

We are aiming to release WPML 4.2.5 in the first half of April.

Then we will resume the development of 4.3.0 which, as initially planned, will include some feature requests as well as other under the hood improvements with the integration between WPML and Advanced Translation Editor.

You can follow all the latest news on our WPML Blog.

Toolset News

In March, our Toolset team focused on stability and new features:

  • Types is getting ready for a new release, which will include a number of bug fixes, along with our first steps into the WordPress REST API.
  • Views is also closing a number of reported issues, and will soon include a better workflow for designing Content Templates with the new Block editor for WordPress.
  • Forms had a number of incremental updates related to the new drag & drop editor, and more of those are coming. We are also completing a project to bring the WordPress media manager to image, audio, video and file fields in our frontend forms.
  • Access got a small internal revolution focused on improving its codebase and making it easier to expand to new features; those changes are currently under testing.
  • Our team is really close to completing a major new project related to Gutenberg, the new Block editor for WordPress. We are improving the way you can use our Views and Forms in this editing experience.

We have a lot planned for Toolset, and we are looking for more people to join our efforts and be part of our great company, so…

We are hiring for Toolset!

If you are a PHP and React expert and you’re interested in joining us, please apply. You can also follow all the latest news on our Toolset Blog.

Partnerships, Compatibility and more…

WPML and Divi offered a LIVE Workshop teaching you how to translate your WordPress website into different languages easily. And our WPML Team Leader, Andrea Sciamanna, had an interview with our Italian #1 blogger from SOS WPIT

WPLift wrote about how WPML Can Help You To Make Your Business More Successful Internationally. There are more posts about how to create WordPress websites using WPML  and how to use automatic machine translation with WPML by Themisle.

We also published a guide on ManageWP on the 6 factors to consider before you create a multilingual website which will promote WPML.

Codection also shared this tutorial in Spanish about how to use the WPML Advanced Translator Editor.

We had a co-branded page with Avada, and here is an update.

WP Mayor shared this post about Toolset:

Toolset – The Ultimate WordPress No-Code Builder Toolbox?

We also published a post with WP Mayor on our Toolset blog on how to automatically import a post type using WP RSS Aggregator.

Translation partners

Our Translation Partners have also been busy. Inpokulis published its own dedicated page on how to translate WordPress sites using WPML and Inpokulis.

QualityTranslation Services and Jublo recently joined our WPML partnership program and they have both announced it.

More and more Translation companies are being integrated into WPML. We currently have 88 translation partners working with us and actively promoting WPML.

WordPress Community

This month, we posted some news about our presence at WordCamp Prague. Two of our much-valued colleagues attended: Dario Jazbec Hrvatin (as a speaker) and Jan Štětina (as part of the WordPress Prague organization team).

Remote Community

We’re taking part in the Global Work From Home Day (virtual event which promotes flexible work and the freedom to create a working environment of your choice) taking place on April 10th. You can find OnTheGoSystems on their Partners page.


The major achievements this month are feature requests we have added to ACF Multilingual plugin and improvements in WPML integration with Yoast SEO.

Support to our Customers

In March, we continued improving our support chat and the User Interface (UI) of the opening ticket workflows for clients.

We have replied to almost 3000 support tickets in WPML and 800 in Toolset during March and we managed to reduce our time of first replies and resolution times for both support forums by having more supporters replying to clients’ reports in chats.We have also had new supporters joining us so we can reply faster. During March we continued hiring supporters for both WPML and Toolset.

Enhancements to ICanLocalize

This month, we tested workflow improvements for document translation projects, in particular we want to introduce the automatic assignment of translators. The automatic assignment is a time saving feature, currently available in software and website projects, as we assign the best translators to your project for you.

With regards to website translation projects, we want you to have your website translated in just a few clicks. Our new emails will contain instructions and video tutorials to get you started right after the website is registered.

One of our main objectives for this quarter, is increasing the number of software translation projects on ICL. We carried out usability tests and we have been using this valuable feedback we received to improve the interface. From next week, the list of languages on the software project creation screen will show flags near the language names and the most common translation languages will be bolded, marking it easier to find and pick your target languages.

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