OTGS December News

January 13, 2020

Happy New Year from the OnTheGoSystems Team!

We’re sharing our News from December. This will be a shorter update as many of our members as well as our partners have been enjoying their holiday time with their loved ones.

What’s new in WPML?

In December, we released WPML 4.3.6 to resolve some compatibility issues with PHP 7.4.

We have also worked on another minor version of WPML (4.3.7) to implement a functionality that allows transferring the account renewal to clients. This version also includes several improvements covering page builders, edge-case performance improvements, and a good number of fixes.

We plan to release WPML 4.3.7 in the second half of January 2020.
You can follow all the latest news on our WPML Blog.

Toolset News

In December, Toolset completed a major milestone, by launching Views 3.0 and Blocks 1.0. But we are not stopping here: we are already moving forward!

We have been correcting glitches and collecting feedback, and we are working on the next features to include in the new visual workflow. Our goal is to be the only tool you will need to design complete and beautiful sites, for all your visitors.

We had some planned hotfix releases during December but still kept some changes to release them in January since we do know users appreciate stability during major holidays.

Besides that, we are working on another round of updates for Maps, Forms and WooCommerce Views plugins that should be ready in the coming days, and we will soon be spending some time working on huge performance improvements for Types, which we have also been working on.
Follow all Toolset news on our Blog.


Partnerships, Compatibility and more…

WordPress authors are heading toward dynamic content, that’s for sure!

In 2019 we saw many themes adding dynamic support in order to truly become a theme builder. Our WPML compatibility and the Core team had to face quite a lot of change in the WordPress landscape, but thanks to great team coordination, we managed to release some fixes pretty fast! 

December is always a quiet month when it comes to communicating with our partners. The plan for January is to continue collaborations with the biggest players in the WordPress ecosystem, so our client can continue to enjoy using WPML without any troubles. 

Also, we expect more Gutenberg-ready theme to recommend Toolset to their clients, as the creator of Dessign did. Dessign is an example of a Gutenberg-ready theme recommending Toolset to create dynamic websites.

Translation partners

In December, Nexya joined the ranks as one of our Translation Partners. Nexya offers a new level of localization and a wide variety of language services. 

On our side, we announced the integration with Trusted Translations, a language service provider with a central production office in South Florida and with a presence in all major cities.

Nexya and Trusted Translations are already available in WPML and they are ready to translate your content.
We also recommend visiting the new WPML page by our partner 2M Language Service.

We’re having more news soon for January 2020. Stay tuned!

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