OTGS February News

March 4, 2020

March has already started, and we have more news to share about what happened last month at OnTheGoSystems including a WPML and Toolset update, new partnerships and much more.

What’s new in WPML

We have released a new version of WPML which allows clients to transfer their subscriptions to their clients. This was the main focus of WPML 4.3.7.

We have released this version to a subset of clients (10% of them) which allowed us to quickly address some glitches without affecting the whole user base by releasing a couple of hot-fix updates. On top of that, we’ve fixed about 100 bugs and compatibility issues with third-party plugins. 

Also, we updated WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor with a much-requested feature that allows translating markup elements like links, CSS, and hidden attributes.

And we released ACFML 1.6.0 and 1.6.1. We fixed a few issues and improved the translation support for the ACF options page and taxonomy fields.

For the next major releases, our roadmap includes:

  • Improved integration with Advanced Translation Editor in order to include more features which are not currently supported
  • Allow sending sets of strings as translation jobs (a feature which today is only available for specific cases)
  • Detection and improved handling of translations on cloned sites (e.g. development, testing, production)
  • Rehauled translation of admin strings

You can follow all the latest news on our WPML Blog.

Toolset News

The Toolset team has been very busy in February. We released a major update to our Toolset Blocks plugin. It now provides you with Block Editor controls for designing responsive content for mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. This release also includes a whole new grid block and general styling options for responsive sites.

We are now working on the next release which will have completely new features and nice new styling options.

Along with more stability and better performance, the team is also focusing on compatibility, especially with WPML. We will be improving the way that you can create multilanguage sites with Toolset very soon.

Last but not least, we launched our free Toolset Job Board. Read the announcement post to learn how the Job Board works and how it helps you.

You can follow all our Toolset news on our Blog.

Our Customers’ Support

In February, we have focused on hiring new support team members, adding some follow-up improvements to our new support flow, and providing quick help to clients after the new WPML release.

Together with that, we have had a special round of support-clients communication improvements. This means reading many tickets and reviewing and making sure the writing and overall communication is improved. 

We will continue with this effort in March as well.


Partnerships, Compatibility and more…

We are adding automatic tests to popular plugins and themes applying for our GoGlobal program.

Each new application coming from a popular plugin (we look at the number of our clients using it and the general popularity of the product applied) is manually tested by one of our developers. Then Codeception tests are added to that product. While testing its compatibility with WPML, we also keep in close contact with the author of the product and communicate any issues we find with their software. This should help authors quickly fix issues coming up from our testing and, in addition, guarantee that our shared clients can trust our announcements of compatibility with other themes and plugins.

The tests for popular items will run automatically with newer versions so they should predict issues related to changes we and others are doing.

At the same time, we are making sure we show the real status of compatibility with themes and plugins. We are adding links to any known issues a compatible item might have. By doing that we’ll allow our clients and supporters to be accurate when suggesting that someone uses a compatible item. For example, the Elementor plugin is declared compatible but there are two errata (known issues) linked to it – one is fixed and one is still open.

The author of Ninja forms announced its compatibility with WPML. He also shared the news with his clients via a newsletter and Twitter.

Many of our clients requested compatibility with Caldera Forms (a popular forms plugin), and we are already in touch with its author to work on making it compatible with WPML.

Translation partners

We started this month by announcing the recent integration with Commit Global, an experienced translation service headquartered in Greece and USA.

We also released a new integration with STAR Translation Services, a language provider from Ireland. You can already find STAR Translation Services available on WPML.

Our long-standing integrated partner Ad Verbum published an interesting page to help clients connect and translate WordPress sites with WPML.

From Finland, Maris Multilingual also published its own guide on WPML. This one is not only in English, but also in Finnish!

Many more integrations are on their way, so stay tuned! Your favorite Translation Partner may integrate any day now.

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