Keeping active during COVID-19 times

April 14, 2020

As a fully-remote company, working from home is not new to us at OnTheGoSystems. What is indeed new for everyone is our after-work life activity.

Due to COVID-19 and quarantines, social activity has been reduced worldwide and distancing has been imposed. This can have an impact, people tend to get worried and stressed, and we want to avoid this. Being healthy, physically and mentally, is a must to keep our immune systems strong.

Here at OnTheGoSystems, we are keeping ourselves active and social, and we invite everyone to have a little fun-time, too.

We hope this short article inspires you to try out new things.

Keeping healthy

Every day we hold two 15-minutes exercise sessions during work hours.

In the American morning, and European afternoon hours, there is a nice yoga session. Yoga helps reduce anxiety and stress among many other benefits.

Lauren, WPML Support Team, became a yoga instructor some years ago (using our Company Scholarship) and she is now spreading her well-being routine with all of us.

People are loving it, and we’re getting nice feedback:

  • “The time is perfect because in my time zone, the yoga sessions happen just as that after-lunch sleepy time is hitting, and just this little bit of stretching wakes me right back up! I’ve done some yoga before (when I was in Finland), but it’s nice to actually be able to understand the instructor in my own language now.” Allison, Writer – WPML Team.
  • “Yoga rocks!” Ornela, Proxy Team

In the European morning slot, we have a nice warm-up session to move our bodies a bit and relax our muscles.

Irina, ICanLocalize and admin team, sharing with us some warm-up exercises to stretch out.

Having fun

We also encourage people that are locked in to have some fun and try tango with their couples, or alone. Here is a quick routine to get everyone familiar.

Not only do we share our Adelance tutorials on Facebook with everyone, but also the company founder Amir Helzer showed the whole company how he tried it out with his wife, Orit.

Being social

We all miss social chats, right? This is why we’re getting together to just talk about life, movies, food, hobbies – and quarantines, no doubt.

Every week on Thursdays we indulge ourselves with a nice virtual “coffee break”, and come to Zoom for an online talk with people from all teams. It’s also a nice chance to see people we don’t usually talk to.

We find out about our typical food and drinks (we come from 40 different countries), discuss movies and series, share how we’re spending our time these days, and even find out about very important moments in people’s life:

Bobby, WPML Support Team, proposing to his fiancée on Feb 19th, while on a trip to Seattle for her birthday. “She was thinking that her friends were taking her for a birthday surprise only to find me waiting there to ask her to marry me.”

Above all, we all support each other, learn more about each other, have fun and connect.

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