OTGS June News

June 30, 2020

We are already halfway through the year and it has been a busy six months for the team at OnTheGoSystems.

Toolset News

In May, we released a number of major (and also some minor) updates for Toolset.

Blocks 1.2 is finally out, with new blocks for galleries, sliders and Youtube, and new layouts for Views including Masonry and collage modes. We also concentrated on improving the better overall performance.

We released some maintenance updates for these two plugins, and also for Forms, Maps and Access.

During this month, we reviewed how we approach the quality and stability of our products. We are reorganizing our QA team and are improving our testing workflows to improve the overall quality and stability of our products.

We already started working on the next big things to come. Continuing with our ongoing effort to make Toolset a pleasure to use, we are extending and improving our own advanced features in the Block Editor. In addition, we are working on improving the integration between Toolset and WPML so it will be really easy and convenient to build multilingual sites with Toolset. We expect to complete this in the coming weeks.

To get more news, visit our Toolset blog.


We have been working hard to close a series of issues that will soon be released in WPML 4.3.16.

This release includes a number of fixes addressing bugs or compatibility issues with other plugins.

The new version will also close the gap between WPML and Toolset. It will also implement more functionalities of Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) so that it works better with WPML.

WPML 4.4.0 is getting closer to its final stage and will include, among bug fixes and other minor features:

  • Complete integration with ATE
    • String translation with ATE
    • Allow cloning sites without creating conflicting translation jobs
    • Handle custom language codes
    • Some UI redesign
  • Improved translation services list with a focus on local ones
  • Recommend compatible or glue plugins based on the active ones
  • Redesigned Admin Strings feature

Visit our WPML blog to follow all the latest news.


We fixed all the compatibility issues with Flatsome theme and its UX Page Builder (the best selling eCommerce theme on ThemeForest) and declared it compatible with WPML. 

We have prepared a guide that explains the multilingual workflow and announced the compatibility on our blog and via our social media channels. The author also announced the compatibility to his clients. 

We are now compatible with a trending SEO plugin, Rank Math plugin. We also published documentation that explains the process of optimizing multilingual sites using Rank Math. We will be announcing the compatibility via our social channels later this month. 

And last but not least, we have released ACFML 1.7.0.

Affiliates and Partnerships

Both WPML and Toolset continue to receive coverage in a number of the most prominent WordPress blogs in different languages.

IsItWP included Toolset in its list of the best plugins for building sliders while we published an article on WebDesignerDepot on 5 ways to build websites using Gutenberg.

One of the most prominent Chinese language WordPress blogs, WPointer, also featured Toolset in a special review.

Both Toolset and WPML have also been added as recommended plugins by Blossom Theme.

Finally, the German blog Netz Gaenger featured WPML as part of a post on how to create a multilingual website.

Translation partners

We started June by welcoming our new Translation Partner, Glyph Language Services. Glyph combines established translation and localization practices with a transformative vision to provide impeccable professional translation service. Learn more about Glyph in its integration announcement with WPML.

In addition, our partner Traduality published its tailored guide to WordPress translation

Our Translation Partners will always be the best option to translate your WordPress site and get top-notch results. 

If your favorite translation service is not available in WPML yet, stay tuned to learn when it will be!


WPML – Chat First

In WPML we have seriously extended the chat availability and we now mostly offer chat support during the weekdays. Over the weekend we will mostly offer tickets/email support. 

We have also made some major changes in the way we internally escalate and debug issues. We have new and fast test servers to be able to replicate clients’ sites and we hope this will help us be faster with replies to clients. 

We are also hiring more supporters to be able to continue giving high-level advice to our clients. 

Toolset – Blocks first 

Toolset support is following the Toolset development and we are now focused on helping clients achieve everything they need to by using our Toolset Blocks. We are also moving quickly to development issues that are easy to fix and are making sure that more complex features are set in the correct development boards. 

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