Cheer up with morning warm-ups!

September 18, 2020

Coffee in the morning invigorates well, and a workout in the morning is even better!

It’s not a secret that morning exercises is a common habit for successful people, besides drinking water with lemon. Why? They tend to get out of bed early in the morning and start moving right away. After just 10 minutes of physical activity, our body produces certain amino acids, which calm the mind and promote focus.

Five reasons why warm-ups cheer up:

? Reason 1. Hormones of happiness
Workouts release endorphins, or “happiness hormones,” in the blood. Endorphins normalize blood pressure and respiratory rate, improve digestion, promote healing of damaged tissues in the body and, of course, give a person a sense of joy.
? Reason 2. Good sleep
Working out makes you sleep better. I think everyone understands and has more than once felt from personal experience that the quality of sleep greatly affects your productivity.⠀
? Reason 3. New energy
Workouts invigorate you with new energy. The more the body spends energy, the more you then get it back. Exercise helps to enrich your body tissues with oxygen and other essential nutrients, which in turn increases energy levels.
? Reason 4. Self-esteem
Many go to the gym for a more attractive physical form, and to reinvent themselves not only externally, but also internally, which improves mental health. Many studies have confirmed that the burst of endorphins during exercise even affects the way you think.
? Reason 5. Productivity
Does your work seem stagnant? Are you struggling to cope with your tasks? Training will help you with this. Those who devote time not only to work but also to warm-up notice increased creativity. Each workout expands your day, your horizons, and introduces you to a lot of new people. By dedicating a few minutes in your morning to the warm-up, you will not only be happier but also more productive.

So, everything is in our hands. It is easier to move mountains if you are strong and cheerful ??

New morning warm-up schedule at OTGS

Here, at OnTheGoSystems, we have a great opportunity to exercise together each morning for 10-15 minutes. Every week we offer something new to increase our level of happiness and become healthier.

Monday – Stretching

Stretching is aimed at developing flexibility. We don’t strive to do a leg-split but rather to warm-up neck, shoulders, wrists, open chest and straighten back. We may try to reach our toes, but it’s not compulsory :)

Your neck would tell you THANK YOU!

Tuesday – Bums & Thighs

Strength training includes dynamic music and movement of the muscles of the legs, thighs, and buttocks. We’ll add some dancing elements to make this fun. Hop hey la-la-ley! Then, we’ll do a slow cool-down with relaxing rhythms.

Wednesday – Cardio

The week is in full swing and we keep moving. More music, more interesting moves!

Cardio workouts help increase lung capacity. It is a beneficial, complex work in which the main source of energy is oxygen, which enters the blood from the lungs.

Thursday – Arms+Stretch

Yes, it’s all in your hands! A strong person should be strong in everything. It makes no sense to only work on the abs or legs. The body must be worked out evenly without forgetting even the smallest muscles, like the muscles of the hands.

Friday Cool-down

We know very well how to tense the body, but coordination, flexibility, strength and health depend on the reverse process – relaxation. We’ll learn to relax to round up the week with a calm mind.

Daily warm-ups will help you strengthen the body, stimulate the immune system and metabolic processes, slow down aging, strengthen muscles and make them more fit, improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels, reduce weight, lower cholesterol and much more.