OTGS October News

November 3, 2020

This October saw us continuing the work on big upcoming features for our plugins. We’re also nourishing existing partnerships and building new ones.

Toolset News

In October, the Toolset team focused on improving stability and performance. We’re finishing a short sprint to address a large number of both small glitches and long-standing issues. This prepares the ground for the development of upcoming releases. 

Together with those, we are also completing a couple of new features that will push Dynamic Sources to a whole new level. Very soon, Toolset will provide native integration with all kinds of third-party blocks.

Afterwards, for the next few weeks we will focus on usability, especially for WooCommerce-powered sites.

To get more news, visit our Toolset blog.


WPML 4.4.4 – PHP 8.0 is around the corner and we are in the process of addressing some issues that could arise when running WPML with that version of PHP.

We plan to release this version publicly about 10 days before the formal release of PHP 8.0.

WPML 4.5.0 – We’re also continuing the development of our next major version.

The new setup wizard is almost completed and will provide a more streamlined experience to new users.

In parallel, we are doing some changes in the way we handle site registration keys.

Next in line for this version is the new translation workflow. It’s focused on reducing the amount of actions administrators and translators need to take.

ATE (Advanced Translator Editor)

In the last weeks, we implemented into ATE the ability to use translations from other sources. In other words, you can now edit translations that you already have and were done in the Classic Translation Editor or by a translation service.

We’re also fast at work on the following upcoming features:

  • Integration of the DeepL engine for automatic translation
  • Ability to change and disable translation engines
  • Ability to map custom languages from your site, in ATE. For example, if you use languages in WPML that are not supported by machine translation (e.g. en-US, en-GB, en-NZ, etc).

Visit our WPML blog to follow all the latest news.


On WPML.org, we introduced a whole new Plugin Directory. It features a comprehensive list of plugins and their compatibility with WPML.

We also added the new WPML-recommended label for plugins that come recommended by us. These are plugins with a history of consistent compatibility and great cooperation with us.

The new Plugin Directory page helps you find plugins that you can feel confident using to develop your multilingual sites.

Besides this, in WPML 4.4.4, we introduced the ability to use the XML configuration file to register widgets in Elementor, Beaver Builder and Cornerstone page builders.

Affiliates and Partnerships

Throughout October, our partnerships team has been nicely working one-on-one with our partners. This includes everyone from plugin authors, to affiliates. We’re investing a lot of time in getting to know each other and finding ways to support each other, so that we can end 2020 on a high (it’s possible, we promise!).

Apart from this, it’s been fantastic to see Toolset featured prominently in not one, but two round-up articles this month. Our friends at Astra gave us a glowing recommendation in their piece on real estate plugins, while we also made the top of the list in WPLift’s run-down of the best real estate plugins for WordPress. Can’t be a coincidence!

But it’s not just old friends we are interested in, as we’ve been busy making some new ones too. In October, we began nine new partnerships with other WordPress theme and plugin authors. From this, we not only ensure compatibility for our clients, but we collaborate to help the overall WordPress ecosystem.

Translation partners

Our translation partners did a great job this month creating useful pages to help local and international clients interested in translating WordPress sites using WPML.

Our partner Semantix clearly knows how to do so with translation workflows that give you an easy way to simplify the creation of a multilingual website. If you want to know how Semantix does it, visit their exclusive page about WordPress where you can even request your own token to connect. 

From the Netherlands, our long-time partner Avanti presents a catchy and interactive video on how they work with WPML and all the benefits you can access to if you work with Avanti. They are actively inviting clients to use our Translation Readiness service and make the most of this integration. 

Stay tuned to find out who our next partner is going to be!

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