OTGS February News

March 1, 2021

We’re now well into 2021 and February saw us as busy as ever. While our WPML and Toolset developers are fast at work on big new releases, our partnership and compatibility efforts are in full swing.

Toolset News

As planned, we had a productive month of February focusing on our main next goals: performance and compatibility. 

We are close to releasing an alpha preview for a massive review of how Toolset loads resources. This update will highly improve loading times for Toolset-powered sites. 

Together with this, our plans for better WooCommerce shops built with WordPress are moving along nicely. We added new filters, new options, and made everything easier to use.

Finally, we are extending and improving our Dynamic Sources compatibility with existing and new partners.

To get more news, visit our Toolset blog.


4.5.0 – We had the first internal demonstration of the big new features. This led to some great discussions and suggestions. We’ve analyzed and translated these into actions to take before the next demo.

We have a great team of developers who know how to organize tasks so these changes in plans won’t particularly slow us down. We estimate the first beta will be ready around April 2021.

Visit our WPML blog to follow all the latest news.

Partnerships, Compatibility and Affiliates

February’s the month of love, and we certainly received a whole lot of love from our partners. 

We kicked off the month by reading this fantastic review of WPML from WinningWP.com, which did a great job of explaining the scope and breadth of our multilingual plugin. We were also invited to write a guest post for our friends at Freemius on why you should make your plugin or theme multilingual-friendly

To help clients find and use great WPML-compatible themes and plugins, we also published two new pieces of documentation to support some of our recommended partners: A guide to optimizing multilingual sites for search engines using SEOPress, and a tutorial on building multilingual real estate sites using WPML and the WP Residence theme

Across at Toolset, we also had a lot of love from our partners following the release of Toolset Blocks 1.4 last month. Our first Dynamic Sources promotion went live, and Stackable published a great page which teaches clients about using Stackable with Toolset. We also worked with a number of other partners on Dynamic Sources integrations and look forward to seeing what it offers clients when our next release comes out in March.

Translation partners

February was full of new refreshing integration releases.

First, we welcomed Translations Universe, an Italian language provider that combines human know-how, research in the translation field and the use of software and online tools to produce top-notch translations. If you want to learn more about Translation Universe, you can read their official integration announcement.

The second one in our list was Europa Traduction, from France. With more than 20 years of experience and over 400 clients a year, Europa Traduction joins WPML to help clients turn their site multilingual in a simple smooth way. 

On the other hand, our current partners continue working on providing the best information for their clients. AST Language Services shared how they work with WPML. Maybe AST is the partner you have been looking for!

Stay tuned for more news!

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