OTGS June Update

June 30, 2021

From complete performance reviews and deep fixes in the Toolset plugins, to preparing for the much-anticipated launch of WPML 4.5 – June has been productive and exciting! Plus, some great new partnerships have developed, including integration with a new German language service provider.

Toolset News

During June, the Toolset development team focused mainly on two areas: bugs and usability.

One key milestone of the month was a complete review of the performance and usability for the View block, which is almost finished. We took one step back to rethink how the block works and how to make it better, more intuitive and faster. All while ensuring we don’t lose any of our integrations with third parties, dynamic sources and styling capabilities. 

In the last four weeks, we have been working on a large number of fixes. This has included addressing most long-standing issues that have been reported in the support forum, including some problems that have been raised more frequently. With deep fixes in Types, Views, Blocks and Forms, this is the most stable Toolset release ever.

For more Toolset news, visit our blog.


WPML 4.4.11  

We are preparing a minor release of WPML to address some compatibility issues with the upcoming WordPress 5.8. In particular, the new Blocks As Widgets will affect two features of WPML:

  • Choose to show a widget in all languages or only a selected one. 

If you install the current beta of WordPress 5.8., the option won’t be visible. In 4.4.11, you will see the “Block” settings option when selecting a widget block. 

  • Translate the strings in the text widget. 

If you install the current beta of WordPress 5.8., the strings of the text widget won’t be registered. Therefore, you won’t be able to translate them.

In 4.4.11, we will restore the functionality.

WPML 4.5.0  

We are not quite ready for the release of WPML 4.5.0. We are prioritizing quality and precision, especially as this new version’s features and updates will be extensive.

With so much to test, we’re still finding some bugs and usability issues that we want to address. Some of them must be rectified before the beta release; others will be resolved before the final release.

WPML is loading external resources from *.wpml.org domains to speed up things. To help to comply with CSP rules, WPML  will transfer those resources to the site that runs WPML and server from them, if *.wpml.org domains are blocked by CSP. We still recommend adding *.wpml.org as an exception in your CSP

Visit the blog to follow all the latest WPML news.

Partnerships and Compatibility

We have released:


Having established many new partnerships last month, it’s no surprise that we saw Toolset popping up in a few new places in June.

First, our integration with Sydney Pro was announced in a release post by AThemes. Second, Total published an awesome article detailing what’s possible when you use Total and Toolset. Finally, our friends at WPLift and WPMayor published two great pieces featuring Toolset. This included a guide to filtering search results in WordPress, and a round-up of the best custom post type plugins – where we were featured number one!

We were also impressed with a YouTube tutorial that teaches clients how to get the most out of the Toolset integration with Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks.

Over at WPML, we’ve been working especially hard to improve compatibility with many popular plugins and themes that our clients are using. We’re currently in the process of testing a popular LMS plugin, 

TutorLMS; an interesting listing theme, ListingPro; and a useful plugin that helps you design WooCommerce stores, WooBuilder Blocks.

With big developments coming for WPML next month, you can be sure of more interesting partnership news to come as well.

Translation partners

This month we are glad to announce the integration of WPML and Schmieder Übersetzungen, a German-language service provider focused on marketing translations. Schmieder is already available in WPML, ready for site translations.

Also from Germany, our partner ACT Translations just published an interesting page on how they work with WPML. Want to know how they do it? Check it out!

We will have more Translation Partners and Translation Management Systems integrated soon, so watch this space.

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And stay tuned for next month’s updates!

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