OTGS July News

July 30, 2021

In July, we released a Toolset version with stability and performance improvements and continued polishing big features for the upcoming WPML 4.5 release. We also expanded WPML’s compatibility and welcomed two new translation management providers.

Toolset News

During this month, we closely followed the changes coming to WordPress 5.8 and made our last adjustments before having a fantastic release focused on stability and usability. 

We closed a large number of issues from our backlog, making this the most stable release ever.

We are now working on ways to improve the performance and usability of our View block. This will be our focus in the coming weeks and months.

For more Toolset news, visit our blog.


WPML 4.5.0

The development of 4.5.0 still requires some work to be completed.

We are mainly focusing on usability improvements and the polishing of the new features.

Meanwhile, the first public beta of 4.5.0 is available for everyone to test: we look forward to receiving feedback from real users!

We also announced the price change coming with the production release of WPML 4.5. The most important thing here is that the pricing stays the same for all existing clients.

WPML 4.4.11

To address some breaking changes included in WordPress 5.8, we released a minor version of WPML.

The changes involve mainly the widgets, as they are now handled as blocks.

WPML takes care of migrating some of the settings, in particular:

  • Language settings in widgets
  • Migrate the Multilingual Text Widget (which has become redundant for the last few years) into the standard Text Widget (also with the language settings)

This release also includes a series of minor bug fixes.

Visit the blog to follow all the latest WPML news.

Partnerships and Compatibility

In July, we focused on building and improving relationships with the authors of other themes and plugins.

We have welcomed MailChimp for WooCommerce to our compatibility program. This is a very popular plugin amongst our clients and we are happy to now have direct contact with them. 

We also spent quite a significant amount of time working with page builder add-on authors and recently confirmed WPML 4.5 compatibility with Ultimate Addons for Elementor and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. The Brainstorm Force team has been a pleasure to work with and have committed to ensuring long-term compatibility with all their plugins. 

From this effort, we’re now able to confidently recommend four Elementor add-ons for a reliable multilingual site.  

Aside from our new technical partners, it was great to see some mentions of WPML and Toolset across the web. This includes a fantastic piece on creating multilingual websites by SOS-WP, and a great mention for Toolset in this article on WordPress 5.8’s Query Loop Block.

Translation partners

This month was all about Translation Management Systems! We welcomed two new partners: Crowdin and Parlam.

Crowding is a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization management for your team. It’s a great tool to effectively manage all of your multilingual content.

On the other hand, Parlam is perfect for companies that translate content from various sources, or that work with several translators at one time. It is built for those whose management is complicated or have a high volume of translations that are difficult to manage. 

Want to try them? They are both already available in WPML.

Every month, our partner AVANTI, from the Netherlands, publishes a special discount offer related to a language service or specific language. This August is WPML’s turn! Check out the 20% discount AVANTI is offering during August for translations with WPML. 

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