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February 3, 2022

In January, we released updates for WPML and Toolset to ensure compatibility with just-released WordPress 5.9 and its brand new Full Site Editing feature. We also opened up WPML integration to all translation services, translators, and agencies.


A major WordPress 5.9 release happened on January 25th. It brings the first iteration of the big new feature called Full Site Editing. As its name suggests, it allows you to edit your whole site from the header to the footer, using the built-in block editor.

As with any major WordPress release, we wanted WPML to be ready and fully compatible. This is why we released WPML 4.5.3, closely followed by 4.5.4 to fix one important last-minute issue. WPML now allows users to easily translate templates they create using Full Site Editing.

Watch the following video to see how to translate Full Site Editing sites with WPML.

In addition to this, WP 5.9 also introduced a completely new Language Switcher for login and registration pages. As WPML already provides the feature for translating these pages we replaced the language switcher with our own. However, it looks the same and actually works slightly better because the user will see the admin area in the language they selected on the login page (something that the original WordPress language switcher lacks).

Standalone Installer for WPML

Alongside WPML 4.5.3, we also released a new plugin called OTGS Installer. It is a very light plugin that allows you to directly download all WPML and Toolset plugins from within WordPress. That is especially helpful for users with site hosting plans that do not allow uploading bigger files. Using our OTGS Installer circumvents such restrictions.

Bugfixes for Page Builders

WPML 4.5.3 also includes a bunch of fixes for the most popular page builders including Elementor, Divi, Avada, and WPBakery.

Toolset News

WordPress 5.9 and its Full Site Editing is big news for developers building websites. This naturally includes Toolset users as Toolset has already provided most of the similar features for a long time. This is why did a whole review of Full Site Editing and published an announcement with a video walkthrough. It comes together with a minor Toolset Blocks 1.6.2 release that fixes some visual glitches for Toolset blocks inside the block editor and ensures full compatibility with WordPress 5.9.

Watch the following video to see a walkthrough of the Full Site Editing feature in WordPress 5.9:

Compatibility News

January has gotten off to a flying start as companies start to pick up on tasks and communications again. Here at OnTheGoSystems, it is no different as we are re-engaging with our partners after a nice break and pushing forward some important projects.

After the release of BuddyPress Multilingual 1.7.0, we are glad to say that our BuddyPress and BuddyBoss users will have an improved translation experience with WPML. In line with this, BuddyBoss has prepared some comprehensive documentation and an announcement post so that their clients can understand and benefit from this important integration. 

Our good friends over at OceanWP have published a post detailing how to use WPML’s automatic translation features in order to easily create multilingual WooCommerce stores using their theme. On a similar topic, WPKube recommended WPML as one of the top solutions for creating multilingual e-commerce stores in a round-up article.

Finally, we also released WCML 4.12.5, a patch version to comply with the latest WooCommerce 6.1 version.

Translation Partner News

As of 2022, integration with WPML is possible for everybody! Freelance translators, one-person boutique translation services and bigger translation services can easily start translating WordPress sites using the integration option that best suits them.

Once a service is integrated, it’s automatically in the run to become an official translation partner. Only Translation Services that meet a few requirements can become official Translation Partners.

Translation Partners enjoy and benefit from being displayed in WPML as an official partner. This means all WPML clients are able to see and select their translation service directly from the WPML Translation Dashboard without any extra custom configuration.

If you are not a partner, you are limited to working with your own clients. They see your service only after adding a special configuration to their site’s config file. This means you are not visible to all WPML users.

If you are already integrated, but not an official partner, don’t worry! We will evaluate your performance as an integrated translation service and you will have the option to become an official translation partner after you complete a few projects using the integration. So, keep up the good work!

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