March 2023 – Elevating the WordPress Experience with New WPML & ACFML Features 

March 28, 2023

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates to our WPML and ACFML plugins, designed to improve your WordPress experience. 

March kicked off with new version releases of the WPML (WordPress Multilingual) and ACFML (Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual) plugins. 

Throughout the development process, we had a clear goal. We wanted to make it even easier, more user-friendly, and efficient for you to run your WordPress sites. Going multilingual shouldn’t leave you scratching your head. It should be simple, no matter your technical expertise. 

Here’s what we did to make that happen.

ACFML 2.0: An Intuitive Approach to Translating Custom Fields

ACFML (Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual) lets you easily create multilingual sites using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. This plugin lets you translate everything from custom field values to labels and titles.

Compatible with both ACF and ACF Pro, ACFML is the go-to choice for over 70,000 developers worldwide for building advanced, multilingual WordPress sites.

Given how many WordPress developers rely on our plugin, it was important for us that the release of ACFML 2.0 include usability improvements. 

Our team asked for user feedback, and we got a lot of it. We took it to heart and poured time and effort into the development of the new ACFML features. 

The result? 

  • A revamped ACFML setup wizard that makes for a smoother start. 
  • A more intuitive workflow with helpful notifications guiding you every step of the way.
  • A no-code approach to translating field labels and titles, turning a previously complicated task into a seamless experience.
Choosing a translation option for your ACF fields groups is easy with the new setup wizard

To put it simply, ACFML 2.0 is now a breeze to use. The new features don’t disrupt the workflow, but rather enhance it. And, with the UI makeover, even first time ACFML users easily turn their custom fields multilingual.

WPML 4.6: Even More Multilingual Functionality

The recent release of WPML 4.6 introduces several new features that empower you to do more with your WordPress site. 

We could go on and on about how mighty each and every improvement is. But, we’ll give you the short story.

WPML 4.6 is designed to help you translate content even easier

Some of the key features include:

  1. Bulk auto-translation

The new and improved translation process gives you the freedom to decide how much content you want to translate automatically.

When we first introduced our translation modes in WPML 4.5, you had two ways of automatically translating your content:

  • Translate your entire site automatically
  • Open posts or pages in the Advanced Translation Editor individually to use the built-in automatic translation feature

Now, a click of the button is all it takes to send multiple posts and pages for translation. A few minutes later, your translations are ready for you to review – no extra steps in between.

Send multiple posts and pages for translation with the click of a button
  1. New Language Switcher block

Up until now, shortcodes were the easiest way to add language switchers to custom locations on your site. But WordPress is constantly evolving, and so is WPML. 

The new Language Switcher block shows exactly how WPML and WordPress grow hand in hand. It perfectly integrates with the advancements in the Full Site Editing experience. 

Easily add and customize your language switcher using the Language Switcher block

This block eliminates the need to use shortcodes and makes it incredibly simple to add a language switcher to content. And, it comes packed with customization features.

The best part? These new features don’t negatively impact the performance of WPML. In fact, WPML is faster and more efficient than ever before.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Updates

These significant updates mark a major milestone, but our journey doesn’t end here. We’re constantly working on new features and improvements and embracing new challenges. With each release and update, our goal is to elevate your WordPress experience to new heights.  

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