September 2023 – Powering Multilingual Content with New Features and AI Integration

October 3, 2023

September 2023 brought key updates to WPML, breakthrough glossary enhancements, and meaningful collaborations in the WordPress ecosystem – all designed to enhance your multilingual WordPress journey.

Patch Updates for WPML and String Translation

With every WPML version, we aim to provide a smoother, more efficient multilingual experience for your WordPress websites. 

In our latest rollout of WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8, we fine-tuned multisite setups to work seamlessly with more than one translator. We also addressed performance problems related to using the last version of String Translation with WordPress 6.3. 

A big shout out to our users – your invaluable feedback allowed us to quickly pinpoint the source of the issues and put forward solutions.

Glossary Enhancements for Superior Translations

Translating content can be tricky, especially when certain words have multiple meanings. Take the word “bat” as an example – are we talking about the nocturnal flying mammal, or an instrument to hit a ball? 

Without context, navigating through the nuances of language can be tricky, even for seasoned translators.

Our Advanced Translation Editor now comes with enhanced glossary features to help you clarify such linguistic ambiguities.

  • Clear Distinctions Between Words: Now, you can separate Names or proper nouns from General terms, making translations even more accurate.
  • Context Matters: By adding the correct context and translations for ambiguous terms, you can maintain consistency and top-notch quality across your multilingual content.
  • Adaptable AI-based Translations: If you’re using DeepL for translations, AI ensures any general terms you add to the glossary are grammatically correct and fit perfectly within sentences. For languages not supported by DeepL, translations via Google Translate, Microsoft Azure, or even from your team of professional translators, the glossary gives valuable contextual recommendations.

And, you can view and manage all glossary entries from an intuitive table, making your work streamlined and efficient.

OTGS Takes the Stage at Crocoblock AI Summit

The last days of September witnessed our Content Manager, Dario Jazbec Hrvatin, shining at the Crocoblock AI Summit.

Through a virtual presentation, Dario shared his expertise on leveraging AI translations to supercharge your WordPress projects. In the Q&A session that followed, viewers were keen to delve deeper into the potential of automatic translation for dynamic content, such as custom fields.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. In a live round table session, Dario, alongside key industry experts, shed light on our next big venture: PTC (Private Translation Cloud)

This revolutionary tool, designed for developers looking to create multilingual software, harnesses the power of AI in game-changing ways. While we don’t want to give away all the secrets just yet, stay with us, as we’ll be revealing more in the upcoming months!

Marching Forward Together: Compatibility and Partnership Updates

Collaborating with ACF 

Our fellow team members Pierre Sylvestre and Jamal Boulhous took the spotlight during the August edition of ACF Chat Fridays. The duo offered an insightful look into some ACF Multilingual (ACFML) game-changing features

Missed it? Catch the full presentation on WP Engine’s YouTube channel

But that’s not all – our Content Team penned two informative guest posts. One serves as a guide on ACF’s website for translating ACF Blocks with ACFML, while the other, written for our translation partner Morningside, provides an in-depth tutorial on translating custom fields.

Toolset’s Evolving Compatibility

Toolset reached another milestone by ensuring full compatibility with Stackable’s V3 blocks. We also improved our integration with Kadence. Both compatibility enhancements featured in our release of Toolset version 1.6.8

The WP Weekly was kind enough to feature our block-related updates in their 158th newsletter issue.

Until Next Time

From launching improved WPML versions, supercharging our glossary, to expanding partnerships, September set a new benchmark for us. Here’s to more advancements and collaborations in the days and months to come. 

Until our next update, keep translating and innovating!

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