OTGS Art Contest

The first OTGS Art Contest ran between from August 19, 2019 to September 27, 2019.

Submission #1

Open-mindedness & Creativity

– I took a regular music box, you know the one you can buy with a certain tune playing as you turn its handle.
– I set up my recording equipment and recorded each of the music box’s note, one by one, separately.
– I then cut all of these notes and turned them into separate samples.
– Then, I created my own custom “VST instrument” based on my samples. Basically, a VST instrument is a piece of software that you can insert into music creation software (Cubase, Ableton Live, etc.) and play it like an instrument.
– So, the way it works is this: you fire up your main music creation software, load up the virtual instrument, and then use a keyboard connected to your computer to play that instrument. As you press a note on the keyboard, it triggers to play one of the samples I created by recording my music box.
– The best part is, I can share the VST instrument with anyone and they can use it to create their own music.

Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

Toy in the rain

Submission #2

#quality first 
This project involved detailed engineering, learning new skills both manual and technological, and MATHS to produce beautiful patterns.

#open mindedness and creativity 
When I started this I didn’t know how it would turn out. Whenever there was a stumbling block I need to find solutions to keep moving forward. Overall the result is far better than I imaged it would be.

Bruce Pearson
WPML Developer

Submission #3

Company values

#Quality first
#Excellent support
#Open mindedness and creativity
#Positive attitude

One of my skills is music so I thought that it would be a nice challenge for me to try to create a song that would talk about our company’s values. I also wanted to make it both fun and practical.

So I took my guitar and spent some time to find an instrumental idea – while doing this, I was also trying to get together a few lyrics that would fit and rhyme nice with the instrumental.

I did not wanted the song to have too fast of a rhythm but I did not want it to be super slow and boring so after spending a few hours on it (maybe 2-3 in total to get it all together) and after recording it for a couple times till I got to a version that I liked (i think I spent around 1 hour in total), I got to this idea.

Mihai Apetrei
WPML Support

Submission #4

#Quality first
#Excellent support
#Open mindedness and creativity
#Positive attitude

All of the values are applicable to a baby. :D

Vuk Vukovic


Submission #5

Moses Pelham – BGMB Jocire Remix


I took part in a contest about 2 years ago, in order to create a Remix.

We used to receive an Accapella from a pretty famous german Rapper and had to create a whole new instrumental around it – sadly I did not win the contest but I still like the production a lot. I gave it a new mix and I would like to submit under the core value “creativity”. 

Andreas Walter
WPML Support