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Amit Kvint

CCO (Chief Customer Officer)


July 15, 2013


Amit is the chief customer officer who leads the support teams and is in charge of the support system and development, refunds and general clients’ satisfaction. He also works together with partners on technical issues raised in support, making sure OTGS attends issues impacting clients in development cycles.


Amit started developing web sites in the late ’90s, moved to be a Web development lead in a few startups in Israel at the beginning of the 2000s, then discovered WordPress, ran a web agency for a while in Spain and in the last seven years has been part of the OTGS team. He is currently leading the support teams and operations. Originally from Israel, Amit has been living in Spain for many years now. He is married with three great kids. In his spare time, Amit swims, rides his bicycle, builds furniture and reads (he likes to update the OTGS blog with photos once in a while – https://backtophoto.wordpress.com/).


Unplugged carpentry and eco building, swimming, bike riding, reading.