English, German, Spanish

Andreas Walter



November 19, 2018


Andreas takes care of support requests for WPML in German, English and Spanish. He also runs compatiblity tests for themes and plugins.


Andreas was born in Germany, close to the city of Cologne. He got married in 2009 and their son was born a couple years after. Andeas then decided to leave his homeland, and settled in Peru in 2012. After working for years in customer service and as a content writer he began to specialize in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. He is still a young member of the OTGS Family and spends his free time studying web development. Working on Support for OTGS is the most interesting job role Andreas has fulfilled so far and he is proud to be a member of such a great team.


Besides web development and spending his days on the web Andreas enjoys making music, by using different DAWs and Plugins, while hammering on his midi-keyboard. He’s also played guitar for quite a long time. Andreas also enjoys watching movies with his wife, having huge play sessions with his son and taking walks in the park with his dog, Lancelot – an Old English Sheppard.