Croatian, English

Bruno Kos



November 19, 2018


Bruno works in a contractor role as a WPML support, handling incoming tickets as a 1st tier.


Bruno is a web developer (with an interest in WordPress development), freelancing since 2009. He also worked as a journalist for the local municipality website. He has done more than 1500+ projects and only a few of those have not been rated with top feedback.

Bruno is fluent in English and Croatian (native) and also has a basic knowledge of German.

In his free time, Bruno reads a lot (books, real books from the library, not daily newspapers or 9gag or internet memes…), competes in middle distance races on a track (national level) and also listens to loads of new music.

As for education, Bruno holds a Masters degree in informatics which he obtained at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varaždin (University of Zagreb) in 2014.


Bruno is an avid reader, runner, music listener and occasional cyclist.