English, Romanian

Eduard Martini

Lead Software Architect


September 5, 2016


Eduard is focused on leveraging AI to enhance business operations, with his first major project aimed at significantly improving translation quality. He is involved in the high-level architecture of several projects, including the Translation Proxy, ATE, and PTC. His role encompasses driving integrations across these projects to streamline processes and enhance functionality.


Eduard hails from Romania, where he spent his early youth and completed his education at a technical university, earning a degree in engineering with a specialization in low-level programming. Over time, he discovered a passion for high-level programming, prompting a shift towards web development. After several years of honing his skills in Romania, Eduard decided to broaden his horizons by working in various countries across different continents. With the advent of remote work, he returned to Romania, settling in his hometown, close to the places of his childhood.


Eduard is passionate about sports, with a particular interest in running, trail running, hiking, and martial arts. He frequently participates in running competitions, embracing the challenges and camaraderie of the sport.