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Jason Omemu

Front-End Developer


February 17, 2021


Jason implements designs for pages on our sites and fix frontend-related issues on the sites as well.


Jason is a front-end developer from Southern Nigeria. He’s been web developing for 3 years. He’s passionate about accessibility and performant websites. Computer Science major also certified by Udacity (Sponsored by Google) and Udemy. Also undertaken several courses on Frontend Masters and other platforms.


He often loves listening to good music. For him, it’s a lot more than just sounds and voices. He always relishes the opportunity to learn something new. It’s a big part of his personality and he thinks there’s definitely value from being able to learn from situations, people of any age and background, from things even. One topic he always enjoys is learning languages and their cultures. His favorite sport is football (soccer), but he also enjoys playing table tennis and chess as well.