Nigel Anderson



April 1, 2016


As Toolset Support Team Leader he manages the day-to-day operations of the team which currently numbers 7 (including myself). He provides second-tier support for the team, confirming, debugging, and escalating issues raised by the first tier. He also provides first-tier support directly, in particular handling the Spanish forum.


Formerly an economist, then hotelier, Nigel started building websites while living in Spain, first for himself, then for others, transitioning into freelance website development. While still in Spain he joined OTGS to provide support for clients building sites with Toolset and has now settled in Ireland.


Nigel has a number of screenplays under his belt and would love to return to writing. Having never had so much as a garden before moving to Ireland, he now has more space than he knows what to do with! Practical work on the land and in the workshop is a great escape from desk-bound work online. He keeps bees and children!