English, Polish

Paweł Halicki




PHP Developer in the Compatibility team – ensuring the proper functioning of our software, both from other departments of our company and from a third party


Paweł Halicki developed an interest in programming during school, and it has been both his hobby and profession ever since. He helped build the PHP community in Poland, starting with an online forum and later organizing offline conferences. In IT, he values the diversity of topics, which allows him to grow in many directions. He enjoys designing web applications from architecture, backend, frontend, servers, to security. When he has time, he creates desktop applications to streamline his tasks. As a fan of games like Civilization and Dark Souls, he also enjoys creating simple game prototypes.


As a resident of Poland, Pawel values the diverse climate found in this medium-sized country, from the sea and lake districts to the highlands and mountains, all experienced through the four seasons. When it comes to foreign trips, he often chooses Mediterranean regions, as he greatly enjoys the climate and culture of these areas.