English, Russian, Ukrainian

Tetiana Yarova

Recruiter / HR assistant


July 14, 2023


Tetiana is a recruiter and an HR assistant at OTGS primarily responsible for finding the best talents for our team and also help with documentation and internal HR processes at the company.


Tetiana is always enthusiastic about the things she works on. She believes that your undertakings can be successful only when you put your heart and soul into everything you do. She really enjoys communicating with people and helping them find their dream job. Her background includes more than 8 years of teaching English and she holds Master’s degree in linguistics. She was in charge of Drama Club which helped people to improve their speaking skills and feel more confident using English. Tetiana is eager to broaden her outlook and she also obtained strong knowledge of human resources regulations, policies, and procedures.


She absolutely enjoys travelling, spending time with her family, painting and volunteering. And coffee makes her the most productive at work:)