WordCamps we attended as speakers and co-organizers in 2014

January 7, 2015

WPML workshop for Vietnamese WordPress Community

We are a part of WordPress community and actively involved in attending WordCamps and other WordPress conferences both as speakers and organizers. We also run WordPress workshops.

If you want us to be speakers at your event we will be happy to join.

See what WordCamp events we attended in the year 2014.

Dat Hoang

Dat Hoang
Dat Hoang, Vietnam

Dat was a speaker at the WordCamp Hanoi, Vietnam’s First WordCamp!

Dat has been the organizer and speaker at WordPress meetings in Saigon, Vietnam. In the year 2014 he organized the following meetups:

  • Let’s discuss WordPress together
  • WordPress E-Commerce
  • How you can use WordPress
  • How to build a business around WordPress
  • Free WPML workshop
  • WordPress makes my living
  • November Saigon WordPress Meetup

Agnes Bury

Agnes  Bury
Agnes Bury, Europe

Agnes attended the following events:

Amit Kvint

Amit Kvint
Amit Kvint, Europe

Amit is actively involved in the WordPress community in Spain (Sevilla meetups) but he also spoke at other European WordCamps, including Norway and Denmark:

  • WordCamp Norway (Oslo)
  • WordCamp Denmark
  • WP Marbella event
  • WordCamp Mallorca

Arnold Roa

Arnold Roa
Arnold Roa, South America

Arnold proudly represented us in South America. In the year 2014 he attended the following WordCamps as a speaker:

  • WordCamp Lima (Peru)
  • WordCamp Trujillo.

Denise VanDeCruze

Denise VanDeCruze
Denise VanDeCruze, United States and Europe

Denise lives in Europe but she didn’t hesitate to cross the ocean to visit the United States and attend the following WordCamps:

  • WordCamp Boston
  • WordCamp Los Angeles

Bigul Malayi

Bigul Malayi
Bigul Malayi, India

In March, 2014, Bigul spoke at WordCamp Mumbai about setting up and running WordPress multilingual websites.

Recently Bigul has started organizing a series of WordPress local meetups in India. During the first one he had ‘An introduction to WordPress’ talk.

Andrea Sciamanna

Andrea Sciamanna
Andrea Sciamanna, Europe

Andrea is our WPML team lead developer. In the year 2014 he attended a WordPress meetup in Milan (Italy) where he gave a speech about multilingual sites for local bloggers.

In May he went to Vietnam to share best programming practices with WordPress fans from Saigon. In his How to create a plugin from scratch presentation he explained how to implement custom functionality in WordPress sites in a clean and modular way.

Paweł Wawrzyniak

Paweł Wawrzyniak, Europe
Paweł Wawrzyniak, Europe

“I prefer to think twice than to rebuild the same code three times.” says Paweł. He works in our WPML team and attends WordPress events with topics mostly for developers.

At WordCamp Poland he was speaking about “WordPress and Vagrant” and at a local WordPress meetup in his country he gave a speech “How to implement a new design and functionality for a WordPress Multisite based site – a case study”.

Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

Dario Jazbec Hrvatin
Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

Dario was a WordCamp Europe 2014 speaker. In his Usability Testing: Have Fun and Improve Your Work presentation he showed how important usability tests are and how to prepare yourself to running them.

The video from this largest WordPress conference will be released at WordPress.tv soon.

Amir Helzer

 Amir Helzer
Amir Helzer, Europe and Asia

Amir is a well-known personality in the WordPress community. At WordCamp Europe last year he had a multilingual related talk. In 2014 he traveled to Saigon (Vietnam) to speak on the interesting subject of building a business around a WordPress plugin.

Currently he is preparing to give a talk entitled “Techniques for Developing Directory and Marketplace Sites with WordPress” for WordCamp Prague 2015.

Mihai Grigori

Mihai Grigori
Mihai Grigori, Europe

Mihai is the lead developer of our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin.

In June 2014 he had a multilingual-related talk at WordCamp Romania. His presentation is available on wordpress.tv channel (in Romanian).

Katarzyna Janoska

Kasia Janoska
Katarzyna Janoska, Europe

Katarzyna Janoska is our front-end developer. During WordCamp Poland she talked about using Bootstrap and WordPress.

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