Luo Yang

August 17, 2017

People we value at OTGS are persistent, professional in every aspect of their work and very efficient.

Luo Yang is one such person.  He works quietly but consistently.  A colleague said, “It’s easy to forget the tasks he takes and resolves, but his impact is very positive and it’s nice to acknowledge that.”

Luo comes from Guiyang, the capital of  Guizhou province in southwest China.  It has a population of 4.3 million.  Because of its cool winters and moderate summers it is popularly known as The Forest City, The Summer Capital of China, or The Second Spring City.

Luo’s wife is called Yang Xiao Fang and they have a daughter Yang ya ru (Alice) who is 11 years old.  Family life is very important to Luo and he devotes his time to them, especially helping Alice with the mountains of homework she is given.   He enjoys swimming.

Let Luo describe his city:

Luo with his family

More and more people are visiting my region.  It is much cheaper than other tourist orientated provinces and it’s a great starting point for exploring historical sites (Qingyan Ancient Town, The Hongfu Temple from the late Ming/early Qing dynasties) and many natural wonders – caves, rivers and the Xifeng Hot Spring which is surrounded by thickly forested mountains.  You can also learn about the traditional culture of the Han people, a large ethnic group in China with its own distinctive way of life, which has sadly disappeared from other provinces.

Chinese food is very popular the whole world over so I really must ask you about the local dishes that are popular in Guiyang.

People in Guiyang love spicy food. Night markets are popular for street foods served hot from carts  –  Guiyang Style Beef Noodles, Fried Chilli Squid, grilled freshwater fish, crayfish, snails, chicken, pork, mutton kabobs, grilled tofu, cabbage, garlic greens, onions, eggplants, chili peppers and more.

“Silk babies” are unique to our region.  You buy a stack of thin rice pancakes and chopsticks, sit at a low table covered in bowls of raw and pickled vegetables with a small dish for mixing chili sauce and vinegar, fill the pancakes, spoon in a little sauce and mmmmmmm!

Other local dishes are

Huaxi noodles  (花溪牛肉粉; Huāxī Niúròufěn), often eaten as a breakfast in Guiyang.

Siwawa (丝娃娃; Sīwáwa,  different kinds of vegetables served in a wrap and often served in summer with Ice jelly with sesame seeds and peanuts (冰粉; Bīngfěn),

Qingyan’s pig’s feet (青岩猪脚; Qīngyán Zhūjiǎo), served in the old town of Qingyan, pig’s feet symbolize good luck.

Huangba (黄粑; Huángbā), a sweet wrap made of rice  steamed or fried

Gaoba porridge (糕粑稀饭; Gāobāxīfàn), a sweet dessert.

You joined OTGS in 2013. What were you doing before?

I was teaching internet advertising at the University.  I was familiar with WordPress and was already using Types so one day I decided to apply for a job with OTGS.

And now?

Luo with his wife Yang Xiao Fang

Now I work as a Toolset supporter, especially for the Chinese forum, but I also take some development and QA tasks sometimes.

I collaborated with Agnes Bury (Marketing) to put into operation the expiration feature for User Forms with CRED hooks and with Juan de Paco (Toolset) in the implementation of exporting Views result into a CSV file

I also worked with Ana Couto (Systems) in customizing breadcrumbs in, helping to add the documentation section and content topic for pages under User Guides.  

I really enjoy the demands of being thorough in this kind of work – analyzing specifications, taking care to update accurately, and making sure the explanation or requirements are clear for implementation.

In my role as Toolset supporter, I work immediately after breakfast at 8am until 6 pm with a break around 1 pm for a quick lunch.  Everyday I take new tickets from people all over the world.  It’s challenging to understand what they want to achieve and understand their problems.  Chinese clients are always friendly and we have even become friends!  I really love it!

What goals do you have?

I want to help develop the Chinese market for OTGS.  I have already talked about this with Amir Helzer our CEO.  The first seeds have been sown and we shall see how they can be cultivated….

Thank you, Luo, for giving us a glimpse into your life in a far way Guiyang!