Employee of the month – Ahmed Ibrahim

October 25, 2018

City of Marrakech

Here at OnTheGoSystems, our employees have the opportunity to widen out in their careers by using their skills or learning something new to take on new projects.

One such person is Ahmed Ibrahim, from Alexandria, Egypt.  Ahmed joined OnTheGoSystems in 2015 as a 1st Tier supporter for the WPML Support Team.  He soon moved to 2nd Tier Support where he was able to use his experience in PHP development and could help the developers to rapidly find and fix issues.  About 3 years ago, OnTheGoSystems established the Translation Proxy Team and after a while, Ahmed took on a new role supporting Translation Service clients using WPML with technical issues.

Growing up in Alexandria, Ahmed, what were your dreams?

I loved traveling and hanging out with my friends. Flying, aircraft and machinery fascinated me, so much so that I dreamt of becoming a mechanical engineer.  I even wanted to try jumping from a plane with a parachute but I never had the opportunity. 

My recent visit to Morocco
So EgyptAir may have lost a fine mechanical engineer! 

It was just a childhood dream!  In reality, after finishing my education, myself and one of my friends decided to open a software company. We didn’t have much experience then. We worked hard for 6 months and earned only $50 :) So I decided to quit and began a long search for an established company. That was when my friend, Ahmed Mohammed recommended OnTheGoSystems.

How have things changed for you since you joined OnTheGoSystems?

I can see OnTheGoSystems has changed in many ways. We are growing every year and I hope we can continue this way.  I have grown too.  I’m working with the WPML support team taking care of the Arabic support forum,  and also I work with the Translation Proxy team as a supporter. All my colleagues from both teams are very helpful. We use various channels to communicate with each other daily, to share our thoughts and ask for advice. We understand each other very well and I don’t remember any problems arising since I joined these two teams.

Joining TP involved learning the basics of Ruby, of which I had no idea in the beginning, and how TP works from the development point of view. Now I am able to quickly check something on TP servers (using rails console) and execute simple scripts.

What has been your favorite project?

Without hesitation, I would say it is the Translation Proxy project. We use this project to interconnect our WPML product with Translation Services.

What are your proudest moments at OnTheGoSystems?

When I get nice feedback from clients, and when I found out that I have been chosen to be the Employee of the Month ;)

City of Chefchaouen
If you could change one thing about working here, what would it be?

I would love to meet the company members more than once a year, even if I need to pay for the traveling expenses myself  :)

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

A pilot.  I wish I had the ability to fly!

So some seeds of your youthful ambitions are still there after all!

I guess so, but honestly, I’m happiest when people express their appreciation for my work.


Thinking of branching out and taking on something new? Ahmed’s experiences prove that it can be done – the opportunities at OnTheGoSystems are always there.