OTGS September News

September 30, 2019

It has been an important month at OnTheGoSystems. We completed a major milestone as well as significant work towards achieving other goals. Find out below what we have been up to.

Toolset News

We are in the middle of creating a better, much easier to use Toolset, with the built-in WordPress Block Editor as the default way to create beautiful and feature-rich websites. 

In September, we finally completed a major goal in our plans for Toolset and had our first Views beta release. It allows users to create a list of posts (or any other content) directly from the Block Editor. It is also super easy to visually build custom searches using blocks, add pagination, and much more. 

This beta is now stable enough to introduce some of the key concepts that this new Toolset will use: 

  • Display information coming from custom fields, post fields, taxonomies – basically from anywhere.
  • Blocks full of styling and design options.
  • Major usability and user experience improvements.

We are extremely happy with the feedback we are getting and it has kept us on the course to continue with the ideas and plans we have for the future.

We are ironing out the details for a second beta release, which will happen in the coming days. The biggest new feature will be the ability to edit archive pages using the Block Editor. And we are already heading for the first production, completely stable, release.

While getting there, we also had a round of bugfix and small incremental improvements in almost all Toolset components: Types, Forms, Layouts, etc. We will continue with this in the upcoming rounds and solve every reported issue.

You can get all the latest news on our Toolset Blog.

WPML Update

WPML 4.2.9 – We have released a minor version of WPML to address a couple of annoying bugs, as well as adding two usability improvements to Translation Management.

WPML 4.3.0 – We continue working on WPML 4.3.0 and releasing new betas for clients to test. We already covered the major goal of this version: improving the performance when dealing with string translation (for which we keep receiving positive feedback).

We are also improving the workflow used for sending jobs to translation services as well as receiving updates from completed ones. These changes also include better integration with our Advanced Translation Editor. For instance, administrators and translation managers can now manage words quote, subscriptions, and many other options inside WPML instead of having to navigate to an external site.

We are still polishing the code and the user interface as well as handling some remaining issues.

You can follow all the latest news on our WPML Blog.


Partnerships, Compatibility and more…

A nice project is coming with Elementor which includes a Facebook live demo and also some content creation. We are soon releasing a language switcher for Elementor users. Here’s a snapshot:

Preview of WPML language switcher for Elementor

We have also reorganized the team to help us improve our glue plugins: ACFML, WPML all imports, WPML Forms (coming soon) and Yoast multilingual SEO in order to make our clients happier :) 

In the future, we want to add more features and improve the user experience. 

We’re working on increasing WPML performance. Stay tuned, as we are working with a few cache plugins authors to get their results and endorsement. They are testing WPML and they will give their opinion to the WordPress community. 

Translation partners

This month we partnered with Trusted Translations, an American translation agency with over 15 years of proven experience. Learn the benefits of translating WordPress sites with Trusted Translations on its practical WPML page.

Trusted Translations’ WPML page

Our recently (August) integrated translation partner, Translabel, also published a useful WPML page. Are you Dutch? Then this is probably the Translation Service for you.

Translabel’s WPML page

On the other hand, if you are looking for a vast range of multilingual services in one Translation Partner, check out what DataSource has to offer on its new WPML page.

DataSource’s WPML page

We are working on many new features to improve the way clients select a Translation Partner so next month we will bring more updates and interesting news!

Want to join us? 

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Thanks for reading…

And stay tuned for next month’s updates!