OTGS April News

April 30, 2020

It’s already April and the majority of the world is still in quarantine. Here at OnTheGoSystems, we continue working remotely from 40 different countries. We want to ensure that we provide you with all you need to either create nice and appealing websites and/or to translate your sites into multiple languages to reach more markets.

We know COVID-19 means critical times for everyone. We started April by announcing our special offer for automatic translations: 10,000 free words per month for each of our WPML customers. If you have more words, you can still translate them at a very accessible cost.

Toolset News

Another busy month for the Toolset development team: we are about to release a major version for Blocks including some nice new tools that will help you build appealing sites easily. This time we focused on multimedia elements, including two new blocks for building galleries and sliders, and a dedicated block to render Youtube videos.

Part of our team is focussing on bringing compatibility with WPML to the next level. We are in the middle of a complete revision that should be done in the coming weeks. As a result, translating Views, Forms, or post types should become more natural and straight forward.

Our team also released minor updates for Forms, Layouts, and Access, with a special focus on performance. They also fixed a number of small glitches. We have been working also on major fixes for some long-standing issues in Views and Forms, and are testing them for a future release.

To get more news, visit our Toolset blog

What’s new in WPML?

We have released a minor version of WPML (4.3.12) which handled 20 compatibility tickets addressing Avada, Divi, Elementor, GFML, and resolved 50 issues.

And we expect to have at least one more release before 4.4.0 to improve the integration with Toolset. 

For WPML 4.4.0, we are focusing on completing the integration with the Advanced Translation Editor by allowing the translation of strings and managing cloned sites. 

You will now be able to use the Advanced Translation Editor to translate specific strings (text) on your site. Not just whole pages and posts, but strings as well.

In addition, we are adding:

  • support to the taxonomy terms meta when creating translation jobs
  • a non-invasive feature to suggest the most appropriate glue-plugins that can be installed, based on the active plugins (e.g. WooCommerce Multilingual, if WooCommerce is installed and active).

And we also launched a long-awaited feature in Advanced Translator Editor that allows you to join segments. Watch our short video to see how you can now provide a single translation for 2 or more segments.

Visit our WPML blog to follow all the latest news.

Compatibility, Affiliates and Partnerships

We published a blog post listing the top free WPML-compatible themes.

We also announced the compatibility with LearnDash, the leading LMS (Learning Management system) plugin in the WordPress ecosystem; and we published a guide that explains the process of creating multilingual online courses websites using LearnDash and WPML.

We are continuing our efforts to find bloggers who will promote Toolset and WPML in different languages.

We have started new partnerships with a number of new affiliates who have published content for the first time including Tu Web de Cero (Spanish), The WordCracker (Korean), Developoris (Lithuania) and many more.

We have agreed on a number of new partnerships with affiliates that will publish their first blog posts in the coming month.

Translation partners

In spite of the current situation the world is going through, our Translation Partners remain active and ready to translate WordPress sites.

This month we released a new integration with Pantoglot, a translation service from Colombia.

Our recently integrated partner STAR Translation published a comprehensive page on How to translate WordPress sites.

We know many businesses are moving from physical to e-commerce, therefore, our partners want to show you they are also ready to translate e-commerce sites.

Quicksilver Translate published an interesting guide on How to translate WooCommerce sites. You can check out  Part 1 and Part 2 of the tutorial.

New integrations are on the way. Stay tuned. Your favorite Translation Service may be the next one!

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