OTGS August News

August 31, 2020

We spent this month testing and polishing the big upcoming releases for both WPML and Toolset. The final pieces are falling into place and everything is getting ready to announce it to clients. Besides this, we’re always busy with new things related to compatibility, partnerships, and support.

Toolset News

This month, the Toolset team has focused on completing a major milestone focused on compatibility. We are close to releasing a new experience to build complex and multilingual sites using post relationships and WPML. We are also providing new and exciting ways to extend and design your online WooCommerce shop.

Besides this, we also had some minor updates to address, some glitches with the most recent version of WordPress.

To get more news, visit our Toolset blog.


WPML 4.3.18 – 4.3.19 – We have released a couple of minor versions to address some warnings related to deprecated jQuery functions.

WPML 4.4.0 – We are in the final sprint of the development for this version.

We’ve spent the last weeks polishing the user interface, fixing some defects and running intensive QA.

This version will bring a series of important features aimed to help to streamline the workflow of translating content.

A future version will further improve this experience, but for now, users can:

  • Easily create copies of sites without causing side effects in pending translation jobs
  • Translate strings like any other type of content
  • Easily select which “Admin strings” (e.g. options from themes or plugins) must be set as translatable
  • Recommend “glue plugins” to help translating content created with other plugins and themes
  • Have a full integration with Toolset products
  • Use a new interface in the “Translator Tools” tab (for the Advanced Translation Editor)

News about our Advanced Translator Editor

Advanced Translator Editor (ATE) now offers the option to use Google as a translation engine. 

Compared to Microsoft Azure, the engine available so far, Google offers more language pair options.

Check out the full announcement on our WPML Blog.

Visit our WPML blog to follow all the latest news.


We released WCML 4.10.0 which allows users to display specific currencies and payment gateways based on the customer’s IP address or billing address rather than the site language. 

We will be announcing the compatibility of newly tested plugins next week and add them to our compatibility list.

Affiliates and Partnerships

Translation partners

This month we welcomed a new Translation Partner: AbroadLink Translations from Spain. AbroadLink has been offering professional services of specialized documents, websites and applications since 2002.

If you are looking for a Translation Service that speaks Spanish and understands your needs, give AbroadLink a try.

Also, if you are working with any of our Translation Partners, you can request our Translation Readiness Service, which is free for you. 

More integrations are coming, so stay tuned to learn when your favorite translation provider gets integrated.


We have focused on improving the support flows and made sure we are ready for the end of the summer with new hires, a “chat-first” approach, training, and some other minor workflow improvements.

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