Ornela Flores’s success story – “Don’t be scared to speak up”

March 25, 2021

Ornela Flores from Chile, joined OnTheGoSystems in 2014 as part of the ICanLocalize Support team and now is part of the Integrations Team as a Translation Partners Manager.

Ornela is the first contact for WPML’s current and potential translation partners. She handles the integration process with translation partners from the very beginning and continues working with them in different marketing initiatives after the integration is live and available for WPML users. Her positive attitude and outstanding communication skills lead her career to the current management of the integration process and marketing of integrated translation services.

Ornela, what was your exact position when you started?

I started in 2014 as a Support Assistant at ICanLocalize – an online translation service for translating documents, websites and software directly. I helped clients send content to translators and also contributed to writing ICanLocalize documentation and user experience improvements.

In Tanger, Morroco, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Oceans join.

What do you do now?

I’m the Translation Partners Manager. I’m the person who works with all our Translation Partners. I integrate them, provide support, cooperate in marketing initiatives and promote the use of Translation Partners in WPML.

How did you grow into this role? What led up to it?

After deciding to open up WPML to other Translation Services (ICL used to be the only Translation Services available), we needed someone to manage and communicate directly with both existing translation partners and also with potential translation partners that want to integrate with WPML.

In Spain with my sister (to the right) and her sister-in-law (to the left).

What really helped you get to this position? 

First, I’m a translator, so I’m pretty familiar with the translation world and how translation companies work. Secondly, I’m a very social person. I like social interaction and I’m a very talkative person. Most translation companies are small and work very differently from companies in other sectors, they feel more comfortable when they have someone available for them, willing to help whenever they need or jump into a call if necessary.

“My sister lives in Spain, so I went to visit her and spent Christmas with her and her Spanish family…”

Are you content in your role now? What motivates you?

Yes, I’m very happy with my role. Even though my general goal is not easy to achieve, I always do my best. In all my attempts to achieve my goal I get to do several different things, new ideas come up and so on. In the end, I’m always very active and doing different things that motivate me.

Training at the gym and visiting Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum in Spain.

In short, what advice would you give someone who wants to grow within the company?

Don’t be scared to speak up if you have an idea or suggestion! Even when it’s not your area of expertise, there are no wrong answers. Everything helps in the end, everything will add value to the knowledge you have already acquired and will contribute to the success of the company.

Having a little camel walk by the beach in Morocco with my sister and her fiancé.

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