OTGS November News

December 2, 2021

In November, we kept rolling out our milestone WPML 4.5 release to more websites and had a super busy month in our Go-Global compatibility program. We also opened our Translation Hub to all small agencies and translators so they can set up their own translation service for clients.

What’s New in WPML?

We are still doing a phased roll-out of WPML 4.5 to our clients. Currently, we rolled it out to only 1% of the sites running WPML (which is still a huge number due to its popularity). We do this to make sure everything runs smoothly for all our clients. Also, it allows us to fix any issues we find together along the way.

This is why we already had a minor, 4.5.1 release. It solves issues for clients with Blog licenses, plus several bug fixes and minor improvements.

In a few days, we’ll release the 4.5.2 update and start rolling it out to 10% of the clients.

Besides this, we’re working on a very small new installer plugin. It will allow clients to download WPML directly to their site instead of having to upload the ZIP file. This will solve the problem that a lot of hosting providers have, with an upload limit of 8 MB (WPML exceeds this limit).

As a reminder, you can find all the details about this major release in the WPML 4.5 announcement post.

Compatibility News

November has been a month of change. With Partnerships, Content and Compatibility Teams experiencing a number of internal shifts, the one thing that hasn’t changed is our continued efforts with important partners.

UberMenu released their new version 3.7.5 with a number of important WPML fixes. We have also made good progress on some longer-term integration projects with BuddyBoss and LearnDash.

We did some nice marketing work with Really Simple Plugins’ Complianz and Really Simple SSL. First, we increased our coupon discounts for Black Friday week. Then, after some retesting and documentation updates both plugins earned a recommended status in our compatibility directory.

November has also been our busiest month for our Go-Global Program and compatibility requests so far this year. This shows how important WPML is in the WordPress translations space as authors are taking it upon themselves to prioritize compatibility with us.

Last but not least, Torque Mag published our guest post about 3 simple steps to create multilingual sites.

Translation Partners

Because many of you asked for it, now our Translation Hub is a self-service application available for both freelance translators and boutique translation service providers. 

Until now, Translation Hub was available for Translation Partners only, but now translators and small translation agencies can register for WPML’s Translation Hub, allowing their clients to send translation jobs directly from their site.

Translators and translation agencies can translate the jobs easily using a convenient online editor, then publish their translations on their site without the hassle of sending files back and forth or setting up a complicated API connection.

Learn more about Translation Hub and then register and start translating!

Thanks for reading…

And stay tuned for next month’s updates!

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